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December 14, 2008

Thai cuisine at Chilli Corner

I seldom blog about food, but this is one nice restaurant that I think I should recommend - Chilli Corner. I'm not sure whether many has tried the cuisine before, but among my friends, I'm the first one.

It is located at Nagore Place, the lane just beside New World Park. Nagore Place is famouse for steamboat by now I guess, because majority of the eating shops there are serving steamboat buffet, especially this row of shops.

Chilli Corner is located at the quieter lane of Nagore place, and no doubt its appearance is not attractive compared to the steamboat eat-ins. Before you even see this, you might have walked into one of the steamboat restaurants due to the attractive food banners.

See? Told you...

This place is cozy and makes me feel like eating in my grandma's old house. And the boss is so fond of fishing, so you'll find the interior is decorated with his fishing photos, and even fishing hooks on the wall.

And this!! Some fish head skeleton collection of the boss. He really must have go fish hunting a lot.

We ordered only 3 dishes because there was only two of us. Food is served only when all the dishes are ready, and I like it that way.

First dish - Deep fried kangkung. I've tried quite a lot of Thai food but I've never taste any deep fried kangkung as crunchy as this one! Half an hour later it is still so crunchy! Amazing... And how much does it costs? RM7 ONLY!

Next is the Seafood Tomyam. Very big portion for a serving of 2. They gave 4 prawns for 2 pax...include fish and sotong. Dish served at RM20.

Fish meat used is shark's meat, while the squid is actually octopus!

Last dish - Green curry chicken. Ooo...I like it this the best!! Not too spicy nor too lemak. And the meat is soft and tender. Small dish at RM12.

Take a glance at the shop...just like having dinner at grandma's place. Now this is the feel of enjoying food inside a UNESCO World Heritage building. The sense of heritage... =)

Though it's raining out there, we still managed to enjoy a warm and fulfilling Thai style dinner. Recognize this. I'll come back again!! More deep fried kangkung for me next time!~


The fish skeleton is terrifying!!! :p.. hmm... was it big enough to fit a person's head? :p

Fried kangkung is indeed a nice dish and the crunchiness can be just addictive. BUt still remain crunchy after half an hour?? That's something interesting...

Shark's meat used as the part of the tomyam dish... must tell Huat Koay about this. He must be eager to taste it out...

Thanks for the recommendation~! :D

hie cheryl, nice to have you to blog about your dinner @ chilli corner, we'll link your post up in our new blog... ;)

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