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December 1, 2008

QIC...QIC...I wanna go to Marrakech!!

Ish...more to go for the Philips QIC (Quality Improvement Competition)!!! I wanna go to Siam Reap for the Regional Semi-finals and then Marrakech for the World Finals.... I spent the weekend doing data analysis...luckily yesterday still had time to attend our ex-colleague's wedding. No time to update my blogs yet...but I really had a great time in Red Box yesterday!~ Might just upload the videos I guess...or maybe not...because I think somebody's gonna kill me if I do.

Well...I just read Nicole's post on the MOS thingy. If I'm her, I definitely will not post the complaint in my blog, but I'll do it in another weay. I wouldn't want to threaten my life and make my parents or friends worry about me. And although that Mr. Fazli deserves some punishment, but every human for sure had done some mistakes before. Every single dimension has different perception for different people. So it is better to understand WHY before making conclusions. Forgive and forget, and live on. =)

Although many people would not agree with me, or think that I'm a coward, but I always like to see things in a wider view and think of the consequences. That's what engineer's mind is about -- always look a step ahead, and rate the 'cause & effect' and prepare for FMEA and control plan, and for sure, the OCAP (out of control plan).


Aiya, the nicolekiss post if she didnt put it out loud like that you think she'll get to post the following and say she'll get a VIP treatment when she visits next time.

She knows a lot of people r reading her blog, thus she knew somehow somewhere somebody will send the link to the bosses of MOS.

And voila, VIP treatment next time.

I rather don't want the VIP treatment...hahaha... I've deleted some blog posts which I expressed anger over the government, because my parents asked me to do so. As a child, should just let parents sleep well without worrying too much lar. Afterall after the anger, I'm okay already. Move on with a happier life. Sometimes when we give some 'reflex actions' over anger, we might get something bad in return...like killing someone when you're so so so damn angry with him/her.

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