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December 6, 2008

One last cry

My world was
showered with love
when you said
you would never
let go of these hands
You said
you would
always be the light
that guides me through the dark
and that you would
always be my sun
when I shivered in the snow
You were my angel
when I lost my way
you gave me hope
but then you took it away
My dreams are broken
like a shattering glass
And the pain
if you could feel
is more than skin deep
Now I hear
wedding bells ringing
but not my hands
you're holding
I had my last cry
and leave stories behind
for I'll learn
to stop living in a lie
So just let me
have my one last cry
and wave the memories goodbye


Love the poem! It's good. :)

I also love your header! It's really cordial! :)

Thanks! It's my first trial of writing a poem. =)

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