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December 9, 2008

Homemade roasted pork and the spokesperson... or the indonesian maid??!?!

Disclaimer: This is not a halal post...

Nothing to do during the long weekend due to Hari Raya Haji and also the shutdown, we transformed to 'zhu yok weng' (猪肉荣) and cooked this lol... Can't believe it? Well, you got to!! Maybe we should just set up our own stall and sell roasted pork rice if the economy keeps on getting worse and if we lost our job... Ok, TOUCH WOOD!!!

It was all so perfect...the taste...the appearance...and the perfect spokesperson I thought... But...I admit I hired to wrong person to sell my dish lar...$@$#%&%^$#

WHY?? He was too damn into thisssssss....until he ruined my ad!!
AND OMFG...THAT'S MY BAG!!! What the heck...

This is only for savory pleasure, at the moment. Anyone wanna buy our recipe please contact me. =) And please just forget about our spokesperson...


the pork looks delicious.. can i have recipe pls?

Holy sh*t, that looked scary, not the pork but the spokesperson..hahahah

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