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December 29, 2008

Hello I'm in Singapore now~

Princess Cheryl's thought of the day:- Ik denk uiterst aan u... Sitting alone in the hotel room now makes me feel like rotting... Thought of going to Clarke Quay but it's really boring when I need to walk alone by the riverside when having foot ache...

This is me right now...tired eyes, oily face, and my legs are soring..

Finally I finished hanging all my clothes after bathed.

Been busy all day long since woke up at 8am this morning. I nearly overslept! Luckily I've checked in my flight last night or else...oooo...

It's my first business trip to Singapore (SGP). Been there for 2 times but was on vacation with family. First time we took a train, then for the second trip we went by bus. My third time to SGP...finally~ I can fly there, but for work!! In this period of recession, it's really killing my pocket if I need to pay for a flight.

The sky's gloomy since early morning, and raining still when I boarded the plane. Due to Christmas season, I can pretend that I'm travelling to some places which snows... Looking through the window.

39,000m above the sea, the sky's not that blue though...

Snacks served, but I forgot to see the name before I swallowed everything.

What I can remember is there were shrimp and cheese stuffed inside. Yummy cheezee~

Seats were not full, and beside me was vacant. Nothing to do in 1 hour...so I started camwhoring. Hahhaha... No make up, hopefully I don't look too pale. Actually I don't make up most of the time lar.

After landing, I boarded a taxi to the hotel. On the way I bid hello to 'THE EYE'. SGP really is a planned city, all the way from Changi Airport to Chinatown, there one word to describe all - straight. Roads are damn straight!

Well, I really love this sunshade. Love things with da' bling~bling~

If you wonder how 'small' my room is, I can get another 9 people to sleep on the floor.

And I have free internet access for 24 hours. Thus am chatting with you guys now lor. Some more there's a nice office table for me to put all my documents and laptop. Nice nail colour? KS said he saw piggy legs. #%$%#%

Nice armchair too...fit for a princess.

This is not an advertisement... only that I love to take photos...and I love the blurry effect...

Or do you like this one? Looks like commercial shooting yea? Well, I don't mind to do a shooting if anyone is willing to pay.

So, my first station was Chinatown. I walked from Furama City Centre to the Chinatown MRT station then search for the right exit.

Chinatown, of course you can see lots of lanterns and chinese-y decorations. Feels like walking in Hong Kong or China.

Thought of going into the Chinatown Heritage Centre but if not mistaken need to pay $$ lor. So I didn't go in. Heheh...save $$ for buying souvenirs.

All ready for the coming Chinese New Year. Lot more to buy. If only I have more $$ in my pocket.

Old folks meet up for leisure. So many old folks...

I walked for almost 2 hours yet cannot find any food that attracted me. Hmm...so I decided to turn back and take MRT to Bugis for food! Yeap. Bugis. Cheap and more choices. I'm thinking of ice-cream~ hot weather and I miss ice-cream.

Chinatown Trishaw Tour. The plaque. And my feet.

Temple. Hawker stalls. Temple. Hawker stalls. That's Chinatown.

Bid goodbye to Chinatown and off I went to Bugis.

Thought of going for some local delights but...erm...I walked into Swensons. Lamb chop with almond.

Watching people passing by...

First time eating alone at overseas...haiz...

And Merri-Mint!! Oooo...ice-cream.

Christmas tree...my favourite tree of all time. Mine is only 3 ft at home...

Silver horses and glass ornaments. So romantic.

Here comes the interesting part - BUGIS STREET!! Buy all you can lor.

Just opposite Bugis Junction. Big contrast. Expensive vs. cheap.

There are plenty to eat.

And plenty to buy. I bought myself lots of face masks... Muahahahahahha.... I pamper my face all the while. =p

And guess what?! I found tteok-bok-ki at Bugis Junction!!

But the taste...erm...only 30% of that I had in Korea. Mainly because of the sauce. So after eating I wrote this post lor. Now need to say good night since tomorrow will be starting work already. No more fooling around.

Goede Nacht~ Slaap lekker.


Bugis Street is a Nice place for shop!! Cheap~~ I love go there.

KNN so last minute, tonight at Plaza Singapore as cause Jess is coming as well @ 7:30pm. Wanna join in for dinner?

I only can go out on 1st Jan as tomorrow will be start working dy... Maybe can hang out together on 31st for the countdown? I wanna go to Clarke Quay.

You are wonderful and pretty girl
I love to speak with you
I would be very happy to speak with you

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