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December 19, 2008

Can you keep a secret?

Santa came to me this morning...and brought me something that I asked for. Colleagues kept asking me "WHO?!". I'm not gonna tell who my santa is....I've been smiling all day long...


Someone once said to me, "Secrets are meant to be told...secretly". I think it's quite true, because I'm sure most of you would have done this before...

"Hey..I got something to tell you, but make sure you don't tell other people ya."

In the end what happen? It becomes an open secret. Agree?

Now...I have a secret...not just secret but TOP SECRET. You get what I mean? Like those movie scenes in M.I.3...Top Secret! 3 more months then only it can be revealed. Instruction from top down, it's gonna be a surprise for everyone, only the involved can talk secretly about it...and it's driving me crazy! So there's no way I can tell..

Gosh! 3 months still... I'm waiting to see everyone's surprised face. =)


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