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November 20, 2008

Austrian Restaurant at K-Hotel, Phuket

I've always wanted to go to this restaurant! Since when? After I booked the air ticket to Phuket. If you follow my blog, you sure know that I have a big collection of travel brochures. *wink wink* And I like to search for places to eat before I go travel, unless I plan to wait for surprises...

I found this K-hotel restaurant from one of the websites. Interesting to me because at first I thought it's some cheap motel around the Patong area. But I was wrong. After reading through the introduction and recommendations, I told myself that I gotta go to this place! The cuisine there looks good~ It's a Dutch family-run hotel. Their family name starts with "K", thus K-Hotel is named after their family name.

We went there only on the 3rd night after coming back from Phi Phi island cruise. Walked around a mile away from our hotel to here. "3-gängiges Wahlmenü" - it means 3-course menu. Great! 225Baht ONLY~

Picking a nice table at the open air garden...kind of romantic is the environment.

Sunburned...that's why look so dark.

Isshh...forgot to bring this back!

Free Wifi~ but I didn't bring my laptop along for vacation.

The sunburned princess.. I've been BBQ-ing myself under the hot sun for more than 2 days.

Frankfurter Apfelwein = Frankfurt Applewine

Oooo....I like the glass so much....

The alcoholics~ Hahahha...been drinking a lot since we landed in Phuket.

I looked BBQ-ed...don't I?

Free model for Apfelwein.

The boss of K-Hotel (black shirt on the right).

My Tagesmenu 1 - appetizer: Duck broth~ I don't like the taste much though...

Maincourse: My all time favourite Lasagne!! Never tasted one as delicious as this!!

K-Hotel Grillplatter.

Sun-tanned looks good?

I was actually "peeping" at the room on my right. Well, I thought I saw a prostitute just went into the room...hopefully I didn't make the wrong guess~

Dessert: Pineapple Crumble.

Fantastic meal! Just when we were about to leave the place, only I realized the nicely trimmed grass in the garden.

And what more? Baby sharks! 3 baby sharks in the aquarium beside the entrance.

"Hey wat'cha lookin' at? Never seen a shark?"

The bill~

Mission accomplished!

My suggestion - Pick the Tagesmenu to save $$$ and also to taste the specialties of Austrian cuisine. Am thinking of staying in K-Hotel next time when I visit Phuket again!~


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