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November 17, 2008

We landed on James BOND Island

We came all the way here for this - Ko Tapoo or more well known as James Bond Island.

Can you believe that a nail-like shape island attracts thousands of tourists here everyday?! Because of "The Man with the Golden Gun".

And this the sexy version...

OK OK! Don't vomit yet. I still have much to tell.

Back to where we stopped... Aha, the islands that look really bizarre. But the sceneries were awesome. Like this one. Serenity...no words to describe.

Long-tail boats were already standing by to pick up the passangers. We were transferred to James Bond Island in a long-tail boat.

James Bond Island is basically a tourist spot listed as the Must-Go for travellers to Phuket. A 45minute stop-a-while on the island was actually meaningless....unless if you are shopaholic enough to shop anytime anywhere. Varieties of souvenirs for grab.

We only rushed for snapping photos around, and it took time to "queue" in order to get a nice background of the nail island thingy, because there were darn many tourists snatching scene! While waiting I tried to squeeze it like squeezing a lemon. =p

We landed on the 007 Island lor...waited so long for our turn to get a nice view.

Nothing much to be done there, although I heard from some people who went there that there is a restaurant or so. But we're already bored waiting for time up. Philip bought some grilled cuttlefish then we continued waiting until the guide came to get us.

Talking to the wall...
Steve, "Hey wall... How long have you been standing here?"
Wall, "Too long... I've forgotten...
Anyway can you bring Wall-E to clean up the island please...."

And don't you think that this limestone karst harmonized with my body contour? =p

Grottos...grottos...deep into the holes of the island...

Posing as the new 007 couple...heehhee...XD

Posers in flash...better huh...

Our "photographer" kept snapping photos...

"Back to the boat....time's up!" Yooohoooo!!! I've been waiting loooonnnnnggggg for this moment ler... My stomach has been singing for nearly an hour and the cuttlefish just could able to fill up 1/10 of my empty stomach. Let's go LET'S GO...back to the boat for my buffet lunch on board!!

Sliding back into the long-tail boat.

Finally...after 1 hour of starvation, lunch is served...yippie~ Looking at the mouth watering cuisine, I just couldn't wait to gobble every dishes into my stomach....HAHHAHAHAH... Want some TOMYUM KUNG?? I've forgotten how many bowls I've refilled....


Love the pic where the limestone karst matches your contour. Very uhm...interesting. LOL :D

Heeeheee....I didn't know it until I come back and checked on my photos. =p

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