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November 14, 2008

Penang Food Hunt 2008

Going? Not going?
Going? Not going?
Going? Not going?
Going? Not going?

.........Ok, I'm waiting for the team-up....
But RM150 per pax is still very expensive ler...
Anyone wanna sponsor me?? =D

I need a good driver who can turn around Penang, a dedicated eater who can swallow even the most irritating dishes and another great partner as my clue decipher... =)

Anyone else has already handed in the form? Let's food-fight on 6-Dec-08!!


wow. didnt knew there were such thing hehe. sadly i cant go =(

wow..tat's interesting.
in fact im also going for a motor treasure hunt. a company event tomorrow. hopefully i dont finish last. hehee...

Princess Cheryl

So, did you take part? You can read a little bit about what happened here ...


Don't know there was such an event. I was there last year that time but didn't realize it.Maybe i was busy shopping around.

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