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November 20, 2008

Kimchi for dinner tonight

Great! I just received a bottle of Kimchi from my colleague... and ooohhhhlaaalaaa~ it smells really really great! Something different from the Kimchi that we had in the restaurants...my colleague's wife made it and she's a Korean lol. So I can enjoy dinner tonight with my long-waited-Korean-made Kimchi~ Yippie~~

And guess what, I'll be learning how to make Kimchi soon. I've tried before, by following some recipe instruction I got from the internet....but I failed.... *Embarrasing* My whole bottle of Kimchi tasted like salted vege instead of Kimchi.. After consulting my colleague about the tips for making really 'eatable' Kimchi, I only realized that I shouldn't have washed my fresh vege but just need to soak them in salt. Isshhh....that was not mentioned in the recipe laarrrr!!! No wonder operating instruction is so damn important for every process. =) NO assumption should be made instead.

I really like how one of our managers once scolded the vendor in the email...

"DO NOT make assumptions!! Assumption is the mother of all f*ck-ups!!"

How do you like it?? Hahah...yea he's damn right...so I f*cked-up my bottle of Kimchi just assuming that vege should be clean before I processed it. Who ever wanna give instruction please state clearly lar. Or else you might just end up with another few f*ck-ups to people or yourself.


yeah... i agree with the statement...

"Assumption is the mother of all f*ck-ups!!"

This is a quote from a movie too... =p

it's a famous quote from 'Under Siege 2'

But when you get the quote in an corporate email it's not so normal lor...haha

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