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November 11, 2008

I met Superstar Henley...one year ago

Princess Cheryl's thought of the day:- Time flies without you even realizing it....especially when your daily life is about work~work~ and WORK~ Haiz...I'm just thinking, was it a wrong choice for me to pursue my engineering degree afterall?? I mean, how long do I need to excel in my company...through QIC??

My uncle bought me a PDA last year when he came back from Shanghai for a short holiday. China can really imitate branded stuffs very very well...so I got this "DOPODO" thingy which copied the "DOPOD" PDA. Functions are really great, it's touch-screen! And since I found that the functions are too many to be explored, I decided to use back my Motorola phone instead of the "DOPODO".

WHY?? Oh why would the hell I change back to a handphone when I have a PDA?? --- The USB cable cannot read my T-Flash memory...sucks! Meaning that whatever music or photo I save in the T-Flash cannot be transferred to my laptop. So I just put it aside and totally forgotten about it --- until last month when my handphone is kaputt...arrRRggGGHhhhhh!!! Now I gotta get used to this stupid PDA which cannot send MMS....Duh... Maxis cannot detect China-made-PDA model ler.

Then my thumb drive is nearly dying....maybe already old enough and lifespan is almost gone. So I was forced to get a card reader to support data savings (lost my old card reader..). And now, I get to transfer all the old photos out....and surprisingly I found this....

HENLEY~ and another few Project Superstar 2 finalists in Gurney Plaza last year.

OMG...That was the time we had our bowling tournament last year...was like...erm...November or December lol. WAH!!! So fast one year already passed!! Henley and Orange are now no longer JUST the champions of Project Superstar 2. Now that I recall that afternoon was the day for Project Superstar 3 Audition in Gurney Plaza and the "seniors" of season 2 went to support the "juniors".

Do you know where is this place? Chopper Board in Gurney Plaza. And I was having lunch there with my colleagues after the tournament. Hey...artists in their no-popularity days~ No bodyguard, no helper, no special treat... And I still remember that one of the staffs who lead them to the restaurant just left them with the menu and went off...hmmm....

Nobody in the restaurant recognized who were they. Nobody asked for autograph... I think I was the only who recognize them lol... Really think so.. So if you wanna be a star, make sure you be a popular star, or else you'd rather be a free man. Then at least you get to live your life in the way you like it, without much restrictions... But at least he has started to be popular by now. =)



I knew him since high school, should i be more dulan donno where our picture together during local singing competition? LOL

Nath, my friend who participated in the Project Superstar took photo with him during that time. Aih...we missed..

Henley and Orange are my favourite 2 during their final stage...u r lucky to spot him that time~

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