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November 23, 2008

First day after recover from sick

Princess Cheryl's thought of the day:- Been torturing myself surviving only on soft diet for 2 days... what to do? Had stomach disorder and then vomitted a few times until didn't even feel hungry anymore. Never really totally not eating for more than 24 hours before, this is the first time lor...

After spending most of the time laying on the bed for almost 2 days, I finally recovered!! The first thing that came to my mind is --- FOOD!!! I wanna grab some food!!! You know what...I feel like been starving for 2 days, taking only water and plain porridge (nothing but rice and water!!). So since I've been hiding away from the sun for days, I decided to take a walk anywhere, anywhere will do, to enjoy a little sunshine out there.

So I went to Balik Pulau for lunch. Well, Balik Pulau is not a place that I used to go, as far as I can remember, I only went there twice. This is the third time and it's also the first time that I actually stopped by and take a little walk around. Food~ Plenty of food at the new Pasar Tani hawker stalls, recommended by my dad and uncle. Heard that the Koay Teow Th'ng is delicious and I do think that's the only dish I can eat then...

Koay Teow Th'ng with homemade fishball.

Balik Pulau Laksa.

Pasembur...too bad I cannot eat....

The famous Nutmeg ice with sour plum.

Clean environment for better appetite.

After lunch I dropped by at Gertak Sanggul. That's my favourite place, am sure many people haven't been there before. It's a small fishing village, peaceful and quiet little village.... Stretched out to the sea stands a wooden bridge, it's a good place for fishing....and for photo shooting as well. I always like to come here when I want some fresh air and peace. By sitting by the seaside or walking on the wooden bridge, I just feel good~

Reaching out for sunshine!

It's my favourite place...my favourite bridge...

Still look pale because not totally recovered yet.

Gertak Sanggul...a place where I find serenity.

It's another great weekend but too bad I've been sick since Thursday night... But thank God that I still had a wonderful Sunday spent at my favourite place. Be back to work tomorrow!


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