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November 26, 2008

Christmas is near....and I miss Macau so....

Christmas is just around the corner...in exactly 1 month! And I miss this place like hell... Instituo para os Assuntos Civicos e Municipais (Leal Senado building) of Macau 澳门民政总署. Located just opposite to Senado Square (Largo do Senado).

The 3700m2, Senado square is paved with a wave-patterned mosaic of coloured stones, created by Portuguese experts. From the main road to the church of St. Dominic, the pavement extends to the ruins of St. Paul's, making the heart of the city a pedestrian paradise.

Although it's just a stopby for resting and gathering information on Macau, it indeed was a shelter for me to take a rest in the hot afternoon (hot sun but freezing wind) after walking nonstop from Guia Fort to Leal Senado! From 9am to 4pm NONSTOP, meanwhile carrying a 3kg heavy backpack on my back!!

There is this small little garden very nicely decorated, I felt like just landed in Santa's house...heehee.... You'll never know how warm and comfortable this place can be by just looking at the appearance of the building from outside. It looks like a police station only. Right?

At the staircase of the cathedral in Leal Senado building...

Santa's secret garden?

Certainly this place is a heaven for backpackers who needs a place to rest and reorganize their travel schedule. Even better if we are allowed to overnight here, can save $$$. Hahahah... And oh yeah, the officers at the tourist information desk were very helpful indeed! We asked for directions and bus routes and the bus numbers, all replied with alternative schedules with a smile on the face.

If you're wondering what caused me so tired, enlarge the map below and look at the red lines.... routes that I left my footsteps since I disembarked the ferry.

Early in the morning we've walked through the Air-Raid Shelters of Guia Hill and Guia Fortress, then up to Guia Chapel.

And what made worse was

Oh well, it was really really very windy on that day. Even the "strong monsoon signal" was up! So just imagine how we rambled up the hill in a monsoon warning weather with backpacks on our back...

We climbed up to the hill from here...

....to here.

In younger days, I was always energetic. Now I've grown 3 years older....I might just wait another day for the cable car to be up again... *grin*

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