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October 8, 2008

Tagging...tagging....I was tagged by Diese

...I got tagged by Diese. Hahha, I was complaining to her why she didn't gave me the Butterfly Award then she tagged me. =p

So here I share 15 facts about myself.

1. I love number ELEVEN, because I was born on 11th of July. Thus it's really easy to remember~ Most of the people I know can remember my birthday because there is a big bunch of dudes and babes sharing the same birthday as I do -- I can say that every classes that I attended during school days has at least one 7-eleven dude/babe; and during my uni days, we had 3 in my class, 3 in my college/hostel, and another 3 of my friends are "7-elevens"... even David Tao was born on 11th of July.

2. I cannot live without....teddy bears, digicam, music & movies, books (particularly travel brochures, novels and beauty stuff), yogurt+cheese+icecream, and my smelly bolster...

3. I have a collection of 500+ plush toys...but I've given away and now left only less than 100...mostly koala bears and teddies.

4. I have not-so-black natural wavy hair. I've never tried rebonding my hair because I just love curls and locks which makes me look gentle yet sexy. Might consider to do rebonding in future, then dye my hair and get the look of Lee Hyori.

5. I like to spend my weekend afternoons at home, lazing in my cozy little room, switch on the aircond, get a glass of ice water, turn on my favourite music, and read...or have a beauty nap until dinner time. XD

6. I like coffee and tea, but not that much for chocolate. Chocolate gave me a not-so-happy past...and it makes my face pimply...

7. I have passion for languages and culture. That's why I can't stop travelling~ Besides the 3 daily spoken languages in my country, I can speak a little Korean, a little German, and very soon...maybe Thai??

8. I joined a lot of online communities like Friendster, Facebook, Hi5, WAYN, Xanga, Ringo, Multiply .... can't count.... but I am not so active in those communities. I always hook on to my own blog and photo uploading only. Those accounts are for keeping in touch with my friends only.

9. I can sing and dance...quite good...but not used to do performance lol. I think I have stage fright when it comes to singing on stage, even in a group; but I'm surprised that I won a few prizes in group vocal during my high school days.

10. I like hot weather, and also cold weather. It's so damn conflicting, but I just like whatever weather it is as long as the Typhoon and Tsunami don't swirl me away.

11. I am a very sentimental girl. When my friend told me that he fell for a girl but he did not want to interfere her relationship with her bf, I felt so down...then he said I siao...but that's me! I can cry when reading a novel, and cry when watching movie...but I only do it when nobody is around. I think I can be a great actress because I can easily drowned in a character.

12. I am scared of butterflies and moths!!! DARN SCARED...but I myself also can't explain why I keep buying hair clips, earrings, hairbands, outfits and shoes with butterfly design.

13. I love animal so much that I can spend a whole day watching National Geographic Channel on animals. If I had a chance, I would spend a few months in South Africa gazing at the wildlife.

14. I have 3 best friends whom we only meet up once in a couple of months or even years. Best friends are those who has distance in between, but no gap in their hearts. Though we are far apart, but I can always feel them in my heart; and they will always be there to support you and get you through hard times.

15. I am attracted to guys with small eyes... You can see how much I like Rain and Se7en!

Anymore you'd like to know? Ask me lar. So next time you can easily remember me when you buy your Slurpee at 7-eleven!!

Who I want to tag next? Wenzi lol... He made me grabbed the chance of getting 3 free premiere tickets of Mamma Mia. XD


scared of butterfly?? interesting....

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