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October 6, 2008

Sunshine in my heart - greetings from Phuket

Princess Cheryl's thought of the day:- Yay~ I'm rejuvenated after a great vacation! And I'm starting to miss Philip and Angela...till next year shall we meet again in Hong Kong at their wedding... Congrats buds!

Before we departed to Phuket, all the weather forecasts predicted that Phuket would be having scattered storm during the whole week of my trip...even my ground arrangement agent said so....that reply made us down for quite a day... What more can we enjoy the fullest if we need to go places wearing raincoat and hiding under an umbrella?

Even the morning before boarding our plane, it rained... It's a cozy morning. I looked out from the window and prayed to the sky that it'll be as sunny as ever when we reach Phuket.

I think god heard my prayer, and so HE granted us with the sunniest weather ever when we were there for the last 5 days!!

Though the tragic Tsunami happened here back in year 2004, there is always sunshine after each disaster...

In Patong, evacuation route sign is shown everywhere, but there is also people everywhere.

Everyday is a Saturday in Patong. No wonder my friend has had vacation in Phuket for 4 times! Now I can understand why.

And even Ronald McDonal feels happy to be here all day long~ SAWADEEKA, greetings to you from Phuket.


Hey Cheryl,

I checked ur profile and saw tat we are so similar, engineer n with passion of travelling.

N i saw ur countdown to hanoi in 140 days? meaning u r going next year. I am going end of this month. I hope i can put up more beautiful pics than those I had in phuket. Care to exchange link?

heehee, I've been in Phuket for like 4 times know, even though I live in Finland. It's kinda expensive to travel there... But hey, when daddy pays who cares (=

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