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October 15, 2008

Starbucks Coffee - Indulgence for dieters

This is interesting!! Dieting with coffee has a way too... Now check out the lists below before you order your coffee at Starbucks. Indulge in your Starbucks Coffee with a planned diet!!

Source: Starbucks.com & Dietbites.com
How many calories in Starbucks coffees? Although plain coffee contains 0 calories, flavored coffees can pack on the pounds when the calories are not included in your daily calorie total. Let's see just how much damage that cup of tasty java can do to our hips - but before you look, keep in mind that if you account for that special cup of coffee or treat throughout the day, then it's totally OKAY.

Diet Tips when visiting Starbucks Coffee:
  • The fancier the drink, the fancier the calories - especially when you opt for the whipped topping. On average, the whipped topping will cost about 130 calories.
  • Most of Starbucks Coffee 'flavoring' additives contain 70 OR more calories per shot - so go for the sugar free varieties to save calories.
  • WHENEVER you are calculating 'milk' calories, remember that skim milk contains about 80 calories per cup, low fat milk contains 120 calories per cup and whole milk contains 160 calories per cup. Each are separated by 40 calories as we move up the scale from skim to whole.

p.s/ I spent quite some time to categorize the per serving calories into 3 categories with the following colour codes:
GREEN - below 200 cal; ORANGE - between 201-400 cal; PINK - above 400 cal
Grande= 16 fl oz; Tall= 12 fl oz


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