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October 23, 2008

SHINE - It Starts In Me - contest

Grab the chance to express your dreams here. Dutch Lady is giving a chance for you to realize your wild dreams. I've get mine done...in fact, I feel so proud to say it out loud! Find me with the colourful balloon written "Around the WORLD in 365 days", CHERYLJW. Give me some support and let me SHINE~


*p/s -- Jules Verne inspired me a lot...I'd be glad to lost in his imaginative world! Can I write a book entitled "Around the World in 365 Days"?


天空这麽大 ~ This is actually Nicholas Tse's song, but I darn like the meaningful lyrics... Whenever I feel down and demotivated, I'll be lively again after listening to this song.

勿论胜或输 No matter win or lose
但是我乐於用自己的触觉加构思 I'm happy to have my own sense and inspiration
命运我未知仍然来尝试 I don't know what is my fate but I'm willing to try
千次得志失意 Thousands of time I succeeded, I failed
我有一个理想世界 My world is full of dreams
我有一套自创见解 I have my own set of judgement
要任何 事情做到最好 To get everything done in the best way
感觉最佳 And to feel the excellence
若到达最高的境界 If I were to reach the highest peak
处境怎好与怎坏 No matter how good or bad the condition is
我总可理解 I would still be indulgent
仍然维持状态 I would sustain the circumstances
若到达最高的境界 If I were to reach the highest peak
方知天空这麽大 Only I get to know how big the sky is
成败没介怀 Success or failure is no longer my apprehension
能够跃进自由地带 I'll be leaping into the free land


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