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October 28, 2008

Seafood lunch at Setiawan

Remember my previous post on the beach jumping shots?? Well, we actually went to Setiawan for lunch before going to Teluk Batik. Heard that this restaurant was not bad but ended up having lunch in a sauna-like-restaurant because there were only a few fans were still functioning.. Hey taukeh, I ONLY PAID FOR SEAFOOD, NO NEED TO FREE SAUNA!!! Some restaurants have really good business (like this one) but why can't they provide a more comfortable environment to their customers??!

It was a damn hot afternoon and can you imagine having lunch in a damn hot restaurant...it's damn frustrating ler... And the food also didn't taste good, what the heck! I tried to snap some nice photos on our food but that's the best that I can do...arrggghhhh. It's the food itself that didn't look good.

In Hokkien we pronounce the shop as 'A Bu', meaning 'Mother'...it was hell hot and made us feel like really wanna scold people's 'A Bu'...

OPEN - 有开, direct translation...humiliating?

First time see a 'creative' lamp....

Come on let's minum tuak~ Coconut liquor.

Coconut~ coconut~ but cannot sing... Nath do you like it?

Some snacks we had before the main course. It's called 'Kwong pniah'.

Very delicious if eaten fresh from the oven, after 2 hours you can throw on your window and break the glass.

Seafood time...really the best that I can snap...

Still a few more dishes that I didn't even snap any photos because by looking at the food I've lose my mood for lunch...especially when my lunch was taken in a 'sauna'.


ya tuah .....nice leh...but i cant drink more due to the smell haha...

But it's quite nice if u mix with Guiness stout... I sound like an alcoholic yea~

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