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October 19, 2008

I quit my job to become a COP

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...yes, I went for an interview few weeks ago...for another profession which I've dreamed of since long ago ---



I SAID, I QUIT MY JOB TO BECOME A COP!!! Yea...carrying a gun everyday and chasing after criminals on the street, and if not, take charge in investigations on crime cases... Isn't that great? At least it's far better than facing any stupid machines in the production floor everyday!

Isn't it great to have such a chilly and killing look when I become a policewoman? Look into their eyes...Certainly I'm gonna look like one of them some day in future.

Would you die for her?

Or would you die for ME?


Do you actually believe that I can become a cop?? Come on! I was just having a shooting training at the Phuket Shooting Range lar.

Princess being a cop also quite 'killing' right? Madam Cheryl...ooooo....so 'yeng'.

But I think I would throttle to death if I have to chase after a criminal...

So what do you think? It's actually my first free giveaway contest lar!!

QUESTION: What type of shotgun did I use? And write a slogan which fits the most for Princess Cheryl carrying a shotgun.

Out of theeeeeese guns, guess your answer.

Take another look at my photo again and write your slogan.

The person to guess it correctly with the best slogan will receive a mysterious gift from me which I brought back from one of the coutries I've visited in the past. Due to this is the first contest organized, it is open for all ASEAN citizens only. For other countries, maybe next time. =)

Please comment with your email address. And I will publish the answers of the finalists who stand a chance to win my first contest. Submission ends at 11.59pm 26th Oct. You guys vote.
(people who were there with me are not allowed to participate, that means you guys...my travel buddies to Phuket!)

So here I present you...Madam Cheryl... *wink wink*

Killer look huh... Love me or love me not. =P


This is so cool, I meant having the giveaways. I got so much souveniers from my trips. Maybe I should do so too...heheheh...

But then again, I'm too lazy la....

lemme take a wild guess here laa...
A handgun, .45 Colt pistol
and Cheryl look sooo cool with a hand gun...
For all I know, u might be shooting a Browning.. lol

madam cheryl.. shotgun or handgun wor? haha

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