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October 22, 2008

Guess da' GUN contest!

*** UPDATES: Contest closing date - 15th Nov 2008. Sorry for the spelling error in previous post. I should say handgun. =p

My last post seemed to attract readers instead of participants... So I decided to post this contest again in a separate post.

QUESTION: What type of handgun did I use? And write a slogan which fits the most for Princess Cheryl carrying a handgun.

The person to guess it correctly with the best slogan will receive a mysterious gift from me which I brought back from one of the coutries I've visited in the past. Due to this is the first contest organized, it is open for all ASEAN citizens only. For other countries, maybe next time. =)

Please comment with your email address. And I will publish the answers of the finalists who stand a chance to win my first contest. Submission ends at 11.59pm 15th Nov. You guys vote.
(people who were there with me are not allowed to participate, that means you guys...my travel buddies to Phuket!)


You used a M1911A1 which is NOT a shotgun. ;)

Slogan: Lara Croft on steroids.

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