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October 15, 2008

Flying with the propeller

Princess Cheryl's thought of the day:- One week after I came back from Phuket, I started to look suntanned... Arrgghh!!! Does it need to take a week for the effect?? Duh.

Firefly, what a cute name.

If you like the feel of flying in a private jet, you can try Firefly.

I've travelled with Firefly twice, first time was my trip to Redang, and then this time to Phuket.

Previously you need to pay for food in both AirAsia and Firefly. Every single item has the "RM" sign.

On my departure date, Firefly started to give free refreshments to its passangers...not much but at least something. And the stewardess kept asking, "Do you want more orange juice or cup cake?"

Cup cakes, orange juice, magazine and iPod...my 1 hour flight was not that boring either...

So do I looked like flying with MAS or Cathay Pacific?


I haven't flown Firefly before since I'm not based in KL. Refreshments and snacks for a no frills airline is pretty good. Nice. :)

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