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October 26, 2008

Eyelash perming...WTF!!

Today I went for eyelash perming at a beauty salon in Ipoh. I'm feeling a regret now as my natural soft eyelashes are now too much curl...looks like standing grass! Not I'm the only one is regret, my bf's bro's gf is also regret. We thought of trying out something new after being persuaded by aunt, so we took 2 coupons of her package and gave it a try.

We laid on the salon couch for almost an hour for the perming, it was quite tiring to the eyes because we cannot open our eyes until the whole procedure is completed. I can still feel the stickiness on my eye lids now even after bathing!

This was how I look like during the perming was going on... (only a cut and paste from the internet because we were not allowed to take photos in the salon)

Anyway, the procedure goes like this according to my memory...I cut it from the internet because I was closing my eyes all the way:

  1. Remove all makeup from eyelashes and lid with oil-free remover. Clean area with warm water, for best results, allow 10 minutes for eye area to completely dry before beginning the perming procedure. Remove contact lenses, if any. Immerse six to eight cotton pads in water and squeeze out the excess water. SEE?? REMOVE CONTACT LENS!! OK THE BEAUTICIAN WAS NOT PROFESSIONAL AT ALL!!
  2. Use the following guidelines to determine the rod size.a. Smaller rod is best for the short eyelashes or if a tighter curl is desired.b. Medium is the most commonly used for a good all around curl.c. Large rod is best for the longer lash or looser curl (men prefer this size).
  3. Place a ½ round damp cosmetic pad on the lower lid before beginning the perm to prevent fumes from entering the client’s eyes. I TELL YOU, I DIDN'T FEEL AT ALL THERE WAS ANY COSMETIC PAD PLACED UNDER MY EYES!!
  4. Remove rod from packaging. Note: The rod is pre-treated with glue. Bend the rod slightly in a “C” curve to fit the shape of the eyelid. May be cut to fit smaller eyes.
  5. Place the glue that comes with the kit at the base of the lashes; use enough glue to cover an area equal to the length and twice the width of the roller. Do not place on lid without first coating the lid with perm glue because the roller is pretreated with glue and will be difficult to remove fromlid without additional. It is ok if there is excess glue; the permanent lotion will work through it. If the rod does not adhere on the ends, place a small amount of glue on the ends and use a wood applicator (included with the kit) to hold the rod in place.
  6. After positioning the roller, add more glue on top of the roller. Using the wood applicator, carefully place the lashes on the rod. Make sure the lashes are “straight” and do not overlap.
  7. Use an orangewood stick or a clean applicator stick to gently dab a small amount of the permanent wave lotion (step 1) on the lashes. Use a cotton pad to wipe off the excess permanent wave lotion and place it over the lashes. Make sure there is enough lotion on the pad to touch the lashes; this will aid in creating heat for perming. If you have a facial steamer, you may use it at this time. SHE TOLD US NOT TO APPLY ANY HEAT FOR 3 DAYS, EVEN DON'T USE THE HAIRDRYER.
  8. Let the lotion remain on the eyelashes for seven to fifteen minutes (depending on the texture of the lashes). Clean the eyelid skin immediately after applying the lotion to avoid irritation. Do not overuse the perm lotion. Excess permanent wave lotion will be wasted and will not create a better curl. To determine if the perm process is complete, carefully lift one or two lashes away from the rod with a wood applicator and check curl. If necessary leave permanent wave lotion on until desired curl is attained.
  9. Remover cotton pad. Use a newly moistened cotton pad to remove all traces of permanent wave lotion.
  10. Follow the same steps used for applying the permanent wave lotion to apply the setting lotion (step 2). Use a new cotton pad every time. Wipe the excess lotion on the pad and place it over the lashes. Let it set for seven to twelve minutes based on the length of time the permanent lotion was left on.
  11. Remove the cotton pad follow the same steps used for applying the permanent wave lotion to apply the nourishing agent (step 3). Let nourishing set for five minutes.
  12. Use cleanser (step 4) with another clean cotton pad. Gently clean the upper part of the roller touching the eyelid. Using water damp Q-tip slowly roll downward, freeing the lashes from the rod. Clean lashes with a warm damp cotton pad. Apply hypoallergenic moisturizer to the eyelid (optional) to sooth and re-moisturize the skin. OK, NO MOISTURIZER APPLIED!

Practice of this procedure is highly recommended before servicing clients. SO MAKE SURE YOU ASK THE BEAUTICIAN ABOUT THE ABOVE REQUIREMENTS BEFORE YOU PAY FOR THE SERVICE.

Technicians should wear gloves throughout the procedure. SHE DIDN'T WEAR GLOVES AT ALL!!!

This product is for use by licensed , trained, salon professionals only. BUT I DON'T THINK THE BEAUTICIAN IS PROFESSIONAL.

Eyelash Perm Ingredients:

1. Perm Lotion (step 1) Ammonium Thioglycolate Solution, Ammonia Water 25%, Monoethanolamine, Tomin-A, Perfume, and Distilled Water.

2. Setting Lotion (step 2): Sodium Bromate, Tomin-A, Perfume, and Distilled water.

3. Nourishing Agent (step3):Aloe Extract, Sod PCA, and Distilled Water.

4. Cleanser (step 4): Celquat, Surfactant, and Distilled Water.5. Eyelash Perm Glue: Synthetic Resin Emulsion, Butyl Hydroxy Anisol, and Distilled Water.

I'm damn f*ckup especially after reading this. And my eyelashes...NOPE, OUR EYELASHES look darn funny right now. What to do?? Wait for another month before everything gets back to normal lor.

This is illusion... For ours, if you look from beside, our lashes are standing in an 'L' shape. Ugly enough?

Now I'm thinking of how to make my eyelashes back to normal...I think I'll be the joke of the day when I go back to work on Tuesday. Sucks! I don't even want to post my photos now.


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