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September 9, 2008

The story of yogurt and I

Yogurt... lassi, yogurt ice-cream, yogurt bar, yogurt drink, yogurt cheese cake....everything that goes with yogurt is irresistable! And oh...I lost 5kg last time with just a daily dose of 2 cups of yogurt in 2 months without exercise.... I tell you Yogurt is pretty kick-ass!

So why yogurt? Because it is natural, it's easy to get, and the most important thing - it's cHeAp~ I always opted for simple ways to do my skin care routine, and I seldom spend $$ on expensive deals because $$ not enough. But of course, if you have lotsa $$$$ to spend, go for SKII. With just less than RM2, everyone gets to replenish and enhance your face complexion, SO WHY NOT? I enjoyed eating yogurt while doing my DIY yogurt mask in my university days, it has been the savior to my skin especially when I lived in a city like KL for 4 years....a place so dusty and its water quality is also questionable.

I started to get blemishes a week after the uni orientation because the tap water was yellowish! I didn't even dare to boil it and drink, so I bought RO water from the water vendor machine for drinking. But what about bathing?! I can't afford to bathe with RO water...broke... As of what a poor student can afford, I use plain yogurt to calm my skin by spreading it over my face like a clay mask after washing my face. Then I wiped off with tissue/facial cotton before rinsing with RO water. As easy as ABC. And besides facial purpose, I add 2 teaspoon of honey and ate the remaining cup of yogurt. 1 and a half tablespoon is already more than enough to cover a face. So I killed 2 birds with one stone with just RM2 - facial and slimming. But when I'm lazy to buy yogurt, I would just apply honey (those raw honey with minimum artificial sugar) without yogurt. It helps to kill bacteria.

As read in other articles, yogurt can be used topically for dry skin treatment, all you need to do is just slather it on your face every morning, then wash it off with cold water. I've tried that a few times for the last minute make up S.O.S before attending a ball or dinner. If my skin is too dry or flaky to apply the foundation, I usually do this yogurt mask 1 or 2 hours before I start applying make up base. After rinse off the mask, make sure you apply your moisturizer/emulsion as per normal routine to keep the moisture locked in, and also to prevent the make up elements from clogging your pores.

Ok I know I look freaking tired in this photo...that's why I do facial!

Keep your health and skin care regime simple, and one of the best steps that you can take to a healthier body and better skin care is eating yogurt every day. I love to travel thus natural ingredients I could easily get (you can get from the convenient store) is perfect for my skincare regime. I could still survive my skin through the worst weathers with a simple cup of plain yogurt! Or...I bring along this -- my favourite fruity tutty yogurt pack, it's only RM15.90/4 packs and I could use up to 8 times. But it is not meant for eating purpose. Everytime I go travel or vacation, I'll just throw 1 or 2 packs into my suitcase then done!

Grapefruit yogurt mask pack

Strawberry yogurt mask pack

Well here's an interesting post about how yogurt can help to fight HIV! And if you would like to learn how to make your own yogurt at home, read this.

Let's go yO yO yO...with yOgurt today~

Disclaimer: This post is meant for sharing purpose. If you have severe skin issues, please discuss with your dermatologist.


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