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September 13, 2008

Puffy face Q & As

It always is frustrating to have a chubby face, especially when the rest of your body is fit. And in order to work out a suitable solution to eliminate your puffy cheek, you need to tackle the root cause to your puffiness.

Q: What are the causes to puffiness on the cheeks?
A: There are plenty of different causes of puffy cheeks: 1. fat in the cheeks, 2. flabby muscles, 3. smoking and drinking, 4. stress and tension, 5. lack of rest, 6. genetics, 7. quick weight loss, 8. baby fat

Q: Why do I get puffy eyes?
A: Puffy eyes is also known as eye "bags". Some people rarely experience puffy eyes while some seem to get them easily. Common causes can be as simple as staying up too late at night, drink too much water before bedtime, eat too much salty food and wake up with a bloated face, allergies, or even hormonal issues. And, people with big eyes usually have eye bags.

Q: How can I get rid of puffy eyes in the morning?
A: Apply a cool, damp face cloth to your eyes, the coolness can reduce the swelling. Some people use cucumbers, try slice it smaller, half-slices and apply one half to each eyelid. Some people like to use a cold wet teabag, as tea is a useful topical anti-inflammatory because it has tannins, which can reduce swelling.

Q: If the attempts to reduce the puffiness as above failed, what else can I do?! I'm in a hurry to go out...
A: For those extra rushed morning when you wake up with puffy eyes, there is option of using make up to hide the puffiness.

Q: I hate the "chipmunky" look... How to slim down my face?
A: In order to give your face a nice trim shape, you must begin by changing your habits in everyday life: drink a lot of water, get adequate sleep, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and massage your face often. Recommended read: Lose weight in your face - The Seven-Steps Plan.

Q: Why facial massage?
A: Massaging helps increase the metabolic rate and improve blood circulation, and not only does it slim the face - it also improves your skin. Try massaging your face with your favourite skin care products, as this will help your skin absorb them better. Massage your face every evening to help tone facial muscles and slim your face.

Q: How to massage my face at home?
A: Massage Techniques for the Face
Using the middle part of your middle fingers, press on different parts of your face. Press each part 20 times. Start from the bridge of your nose, pressing upwards to your eyebrows and outwards to your forehead. Then start from the corners of your mouth and press towards the inner corners of your eyes. Finally, press from your chin to the sides of your face all the way to your ears. Use the back of your hand and rapidly pat your chin 30 times. This helps to firm the chin. Use your middle finger and massage your face starting from the bridge of your nose, tracing the eyebrows and then tracing back to your nose. Repeat 10 times. Next, place your middle fingers onto the bridge of your nose, and slide vertically to your forehead. Place all fingers onto your forehead, and massage gently outwards to your temples, then stop and apply light pressure. Next, massage down the sides of your face, and trace back to your nose. Repeat 10 times. Lean back and use your palm or fingertips to press on the middle of your eyebrows and push upwards. At the same time, use your tongue to press against your upper jaw, pressing your molars together. Remain in this position and count to 10. Gradually relax. After several repetitions, count to 20 instead of 10.


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