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September 14, 2008

Moonlight beneath my eyes

First of all, this is a special post in conjunction with my celebration for Mooncake Festival. =) Ok, I went for beauty shopping again today because I thought of buying myself some makeup tools and maybe some masks. Notice that I look kinda tired recently? I think it's time to pamper myself with a little more shopping goods.

Puffy eyes due to not enough sleep

After choosing and picking up cosmetics from a few beauty shops, I finally got myself these - most importantly, BRIGHTENING EYE ZONE TREATMENT PATCH!! Yes I definitely need this to lighten my dark circles.

Alright I just finished gobbling 2 mooncakes. Gosh...another few more hundreds of calories to reduce!! So while doing some simple workouts to burn calories while blogging now, I'm patching my eyes as well. A 3-step-routine to brighter eye zone, I can't wait to see the effect.

Looks like 2 half-moons on my face yea? Happy Mooncake Festival!


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