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September 12, 2008

I want a slimmer face!

A lot of girls have been searching for tips to make their face slimmer, or, at least look slimmer. I had once a chubby looking face, and it had given me enough jokes...and damn, that's enough! A chubby face might make you look cute and innocent, but hey, we're no longer in the 60's and 70's where even celebs were having round faces! Slimmer face makes one look fresher and more brilliant.

Take Jolin Tsai as an example, she once had a chubby face too in 6 to 7 years back, but now she has a gorgeous and sexy jaw line. In one of her previous interviews, she said she dare not take direct angle photos last time when she looked chubby.

And Song Hye Kyo, she was once a chubby looking girl too. Now that she had transformed into a slim beauty, not thin, but slim. Slim in both face and body. Enough to said she's not just sweet but sexy as well.

There are different causes of puffiness alright, and I believe mine is baby fat plus genetics. That's why I tend to look a lot puffier whenever I put on a little weight.. So, I did some 'own research' and hooked on to my face slimming regime for months before my plan really worked. And the result...

Well ok, do I look have the brilliant look now compare to years back? ...tak tau malu~ *."

Here I present you 6 tips of getting a slimmer face, good stuffs are meant to be shared. However, it is not necessary that any of the following 6 methods might suit you, but generally these are the most common ways to slim your face.

1. Diet
One of the keys to getting a slimmer face is diet. You can find hundreds of them on the internet. Ediets.com is one place to start. Avoid those claiming for miracle overnight weight loss. Avoid those which claim you can lose weight without ever exercising. Study the diets carefully and then decide which one to follow. Only sensible dieting along with a regular cardiovascular workout will burn fat. You should consult with a physician before beginning any diet program.
There are so many arguments for low/no fat versus low/no carbohydrate diets that they could fill volumes. You will find that most diet plans fit into either category. Whichever you chose, understand that the more fat or carbohydrate you drastically cut from your diet, the harder it will be on you to not have them. Find a diet plan that has an online support system to help you through these rough times until you become accustomed to your new diet.

2. Diet Supplements
There are dozens of diet supplements on the market today. New ones appear every day. Alli (Myalli.com) is a good starting point. Many claim that they can make your face thinner at the same time that your body becomes thinner. Read all disclaimers very carefully. If you find: (The company) makes no warranties or representations about the accuracy or completeness of this site's content or of the content of any site or sites linked to this site, don’t waste your money.

3. Facial Exercises
The simplest and most cost efficient method of getting a thinner face is facial exercise. It requires no trips to the gym, physical exertion or sweating. If you want to improve the area around your eyes, try raising and lowering your eyebrows. Close your eyes. Raise and lower your eyebrows 10 times. Open your eyes and repeat. Repeat, looking to the right and then left. That’s it. You can get rid of frown lines by alternately smiling and frowning while raising or lowering your eyebrows. Repeat 5 times. You can exercise your cheeks by sucking them in and trying to touch your nose with your tongue.
No, we’re not talking about something out of Monty Python. This really works because you are strenuously working your face muscles. When you do that, you burn calories and fat.

4. Drink More Water
You can slim your face by drinking more water. Your fat or puffy looking face may be caused by bloating. If the body does not get enough water, it will retain water. To ensure that your body is properly hydrated, you should drink eight glasses (64 ounces) of water a day. As a bonus, you will be less hungry and that will aid in weight loss.

5. Make up, Hairstyles and Clothing
Women have the advantage over men when it comes to reducing cheek size. There are make ups which can be applied to the cheek bones, cheeks and neck which make a woman’s face appear to be more attractive and slender. Women can wear hairstyles which draw less attention to the face. They can also wear clothing that hides the fullness of the neck and makes the face appear thinner.

6. Facial Liposuction
When most people hear the word liposuction, they think of a surgical procedure to remove excess fat from the stomach, legs, buttocks, arms and breasts. Facial liposuction can give you a thinner face because it removes fat in the neck, chin and neck. Fat is removed from under the skin by a device known as a vacuum-suction canula. Fat can also be broken up and removed by suction with an ultrasonic probe.
Facial liposuction is one way of obtaining a thin face. It may not, however, be right for everybody. There are risks of complications, especially if you have a disease or take medications that affect blood clotting or the healing of wounds. It can be an expensive procedure. It is cosmetic and not recommended for weight loss. Finally, your skin must be elastic enough to shrink after the procedure. If it is not, your skin will become baggy after the procedure. You should consult with a physician(s) before undertaking this procedure.

So what did I do out of the 6 above~??
1. Diet - might work, but I need to control by eating the right stuffs
2. Diet Suppliment - nope, no $$
3. Facial Exercise - yes, as easy as ABC
4. Drink More Water - yes, coffee and barley helps
5. Make up, Hairstyle and Clothing - sometimes yes, when I have enough $$

6. Facial Liposuction - NO THANKS, I always prefer the "surgery-free" way

Which one are you going to try? Well actually, there are plenty of causes for a puffy face... Till then, catch up with my upcoming post on make up skills to get a slimmer face, I mean, look slimmer without exercise. =)

Disclaimer: This post is meant for sharing purpose. Please refer to your doctor or dermatologist if allergy or irritation persists.


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