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September 19, 2008

I need a slimming cream....any suggestions?

Apparently I need to lose more weight... only 12 more days for me to gain a satisfied result on my current workout, at least another 1 inch reduction on my flabby tummy. Oh...I must have enjoyed too much supper recently and now it's really S.O.S. on my diet plan. What more can I do to speed up? I've been reading ads in magazines searching for an effective slimming product. I'm not going to take any slimming tablets or slimming juice but only thinking of buying lotion or cream...

All these days I've done quite a lot of "selective slimming" for my tummy, my hips and my arms...sit ups, cycling, massage.... Well, yes I did lose about 1 or 2 inches but I'm not that satisfied yet...you know, going for vacation in Phuket means most outfits will be sleeveless tops, tube tops, bare back, short pants, swimsuits or even bikini mar... I plan to snap a lot a lot of photos so I gotta look slim instead of looking like a pig... I want to look perfect under sunshine!!!

Anyone can suggest me a really effective product to speed up my slimming regime?? I've tried Shimizu and Loreal before but the effect was only skin tightening I can say... Help help!! Emergency weight loss I need....for a picture perfect vacation!


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