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September 16, 2008

Boo~hoo~ She missed her flight again! *fainted*

Alright, you know 'who' missed her flight again... I'm speechless. Just couldn't understand what's wrong with her...maybe she's not been working for such a long time and had lost her sense of responsibility and time concern? Aih...really beh tahan...missed 2 flights in just 2 weeks. Hmm... Dun care. Just my thoughts on life. I can't afford to waste and spend like that, not for $ and not on time either.

Ok, let me think of my soon-to-come VACATION!! Yes yes! Phuket here I come~~ Oopss... should be HERE WE COME~~ I'm still thinking of things I'd like to ask Philip to bring over from Hong Kong for me...too bad we'll only be able to meet up at night...or else I'd really ask him to bring the as-big-as-a-pingpong WANTAN (dumplings) to Phuket for me! Damn I miss Hong Kong so muchieee... and also this... my favourite roasted delicacies~

So this coming Hari Raya our company will shutdown for a week! Starting 29th Sept - 4th Oct I totally don't have to support production. Yippeee....finally I got enough time to finish my Six Sigma GB report without external interruption. Management has been giving a lot of focus on this....really makes me shiver when I recall back my last review meeting.

"This project must not fail because we selected the 6 best of the bests from each PL...".

Well, ok my dear big bosses....thanks for overrated me....hopefully I don't let you down.

Finally I've get every little things confirmed for my vacation yesterday! The only thing that I wanna get it done is my report...S.O.S!! Then only I can enjoy my holiday to the fullest. This time I'm not gonna let myself become a charcoal like my previous trip to Redang...mom had been nagging me for weeks since I came back from my trip looking like a barbequed pork. It's ok what...as long as I applied enough sun care products, suntanned is no problem.

So when I happened to take this sun safety quiz, I double confirm that no worries for my skin care regime lar. Come on mom, I scored 9/10! And I'm gonna buy the 130SPF sunblock lotion this time...dun play play cuz we'll be spending most of the time at the sea.

Well well, another 2 weeks to go~ By the way, I will NEVER EVER EVER MISS MY FLIGHT. XD

So "Miss Travel-around-the-world", hope you enjoy your diving trip to Manado, if you need a wake up call on Friday, many should be glad to be at your service.


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