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August 14, 2008

Whoa...I'm in the post of beautifulgirlblogger.blogspot.com

It's a surprise! My first time being a so-called "celebrity" in another blogger's post. =)

"After watching the olympic open ceremony, I feel pround of China. basicly from one out of the step from economic circule country become an organizer of olympic. That road is not easy.
Be a good girl or become a beautiful girl also not easy. Girls may have more dreams. I should say that if everyone had a dream come true in your life. That is enough and fantastic.
Girl girl hard work."
...by Stockname

Although I don't really know the blogger but anyway thanks a lot for making me more motivated to continue blogging~ Kamsa-hamnida!!

Oh...and thanks for grouping me as beautiful...it makes me think of the lyrics..."you're beautiful...you're beautiful...you're beautiful it's true..." *blush*

Well, I hope you're referring to my eyes because if the judges of Brands Berry Beautiful Eye Search contest think so, then I'll get to win free lotsa Berry essence!! Oh...wish me luck wish me luck.


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