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August 4, 2008

Who wants to go for FREE travel with Princess Cheryl?

Hey the Red Alert is back! Yea, our most popular local breed airline is now offering a chance of winning a 5 days 4 nights FREE TRIP to Gold Coast Australia!!

IT'S TOTALLY FREE!!! You don't have to pay a single cent for air flight, accommodation, ground arrangement and transfer... how great it is!

...if only you win. (o.O)~

For a travel freak like me, for sure I won't miss out the chance. I have planned the itineraries and now I need to think of whom to invite if I won the contest...that's really a difficult decision...

Only 1 winner for the contest but he/she can bring along 3 mates for the FREE trip (free return flight, accom, transfer, ground arrangement...), so who wants to be in my list? =)

My mind is still blank on who to invite. HELP! I can't submit my entry without inviting any friends. Although the one who wins is gonna be really really REALLY a lucky person, but I think I'm most of the time lucky...maybe this time too.

So are you in? Let's hug the Koalas and go for hot air balloon ride together! If you're really eager to go, can leave your email and contact. Or do you want to participate on your own and fight for the chance with me. =p Can invite me as well.


Waaaaa free trip! Best! I also want =D


roar! i wan!

email add : complicated-girl93@hotmail.com

more info of me at : http://www.randomnism-corner.blogspot.com

lol =X good luck in winning that contest =D

I want I want I want too :P

wah... I wanna go too T.T

Bring me bring me

wuuuu wuuuu..
i Want...
bring me... bring me.. =P

WAH!!! I WANNA GO!!!!!

You can reach me at zique76@hotmail.com if you win k? :D

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