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August 10, 2008

Short circuit at Old Town New World Park

Yesterday night was another memorable one because we experienced something "never before" when we were enjoying our coffee time at Old Town White Coffee @ NWP.

Gentle breeze at the attic

Enjoying my coffee while waiting for the movie at 12.15am

Suddenly...POOF!! Black out!! I thought it was power failure at New World Park but all the other shops still have lights on. Then I heard some people sitting at the other side said there was smoke downstairs~ WHAT?! SMOKE??

Luckily it was not on fire, but there must have been some minor burn near the power source due to short circuit or so... Around 5 minutes later all of us were being "evacuated" due to the black out. Many people complained because they haven't finish their drink or food.

Old Town...back in the early days....using candle light!!~ Hahha..

All these people were surrounding the cashier to pay their bills

There goes the fire extinguisher

And the floor full of soda

Old Town in the dark

Initially we planned to spend an hour or two sipping coffee before watching Dark Knight at GSC Gurney Plaza but ended up being "chased away" from the shop... You see, life is full of surprises, and planning does not guarantee anything...so I guess that's the reason many people do not like to plan things earlier but rather decide things in last minutes.

And we ended up spending the rest of the one hour sitting on the stone bench at the Centre Court watching people taking photos...


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