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August 7, 2008

Rasa Sayang Buffet, Spice Market

Rasa sayang hey! Rasa sayang sayang hey! ~ Here the story of one crazy night with my Die Fab team. Food again.

Our big boss challenged us in the last quarter on yield loss reduction. And we won ourselves a meal...A SCRUMPTIOUS MEAL...at Rasa Sayang Resorts' Spice Market! It's another super-dupa-crazy night for the Die Fab team and we're loving it.

A mountain of crayfish~ This is what that caught my eyes at the first place

Nasty Noel trying to steal the Sushi

This is my first round __ prawns & crayfish!

Nai, Lilian & Tit-tit

Family photo of Die Fab

Our Die Fab daddy & Die Fab mummy

....when the gang started gone "drunk" on caffein

....until someone tried to stranggle Jeff...poor him

Noel & Jeff started pretending cute due to chemical reaction between black chicken soup + coffee + ice-cream + seafood + lamb satay + ....

And then Darren pulling Loga's ears....

...what attracted Rashid??!

Do you like the dessert? It's chocolate moist cake

"Whoa whoa yea yea...we likey marshmellows..."

Jeff insisted to yum seng with Sim

The machos of Die Fab

White chocolate fondue for the sweeties =)

Sweet heart LOLLYPOP!~

Internal affairs of PLLM (actually da guys are pretty good looking in real ler)

Lilian, Jeff, Cheryl & Darren

...and last but not least, here are the finalists for MR. PERUT BUNCIT after meal contest...whahahahhaha

As for the superb buffet food intro, I will update soon...kind of sleepy after a hectic day of fire fighting... But I am always blessed to get through a hard day with the laughters of my dear colleagues~ Thank you~

p.s:- I'm sorry Jeff, Loga, Noel...but I really gotta post these because the great memories together will last forever in the cyber world...even if one day my pc memories are corrupted, I still get to see you guys here. =) So cheers~ Leng chai's no needa always look cool, natural & funny looks still make you all the greatest! Take it from me.


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