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August 6, 2008

Puppies for me

Cute cute cute cute....PUPPIES!!! Who can resist them?

NEWS from Yahoo!: Bernann McKinney, right, from the U.S. holds one of five cloned pitbull puppies beside a mother dog during her first meeting with them at the Seoul National University Hospital for Animals in Seoul, South Korea, Tuesday, Aug. 5, 2008. McKinney has received five baby dogs copies of her beloved late pitbull 'Booger'- from a South Korean biotech firm in what it calls the world's first commercial canine cloning service.

If I clone my late black dog 'Goldie'....then I'll get another super nasty dog....though we missed him, but I think my family has had enough phobia taking care of a hyperactive-nasty-greedy doggie~ So it's better not to clone it.

Then I decided to adopt one (a virtual one, because the place I stay does not allow me to rear dogs...sob sob). Yea, this is my puppy~ WHISKY! Don't get drunk yea.

" Hello! I'm Whisky. My birthday is on 3rd August, just adopted by princess Cheryl."

"I'm a little lazy in the afternoon....so just let me sleep...I'm a girl thus beauty nap is very important to me."

"If you're feeling down, give me a pat and I'll cheer you up! Princess said I'm her best pal...and chases her sorrows away."

"Come and play with me when you're free.. I'm cuddly. Wrooohfff!"

Well, I need some extra bones to buy food for my lil' WHISKY. Please help me feed her if you have extra. Thank you thank you!


hello princess... i have the same type of puppy on my face book.

In fact... I have another two on my blog


You might like to check them out.

Love the pictures of the puppy's. Thank you for sharing them. Here's our blog about dog's, not as cute as your though.

Have a great summer princess.
Nao and Tomie

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