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August 14, 2008

Princess' summer in Langkawi ~ WaCky feRRy riDe

Oct 13th, 2007 - Ok here's how the story started... It was the first day of Hari Raya Haji, thus we opted for a weekend getaway to Langkawi in the last minute. Usually I wouldn't like to rush for hotel booking and ticketing stuff everytime I go for travel, but since this trip was a last minute decision then I didn't have other choices... Anyway, I really had a care-free vacation, because I passed the trip planning task to my dear....heheheh....and all I did was just hopped onto the ferry and done deal.

Early in the morning the jetty was already crowded with people. Nowadays a lot of people like to go for vacation during public holidays; I still remember when we were small, the shopping outlets and restaurants would be very crowded during public holidays, unlike the trend now, where quite a number of families travel to outstation.

If you're not familiar with Penang Island, the jetty where we boarded the ferry is at Port Swettenham, located beside Fort Cornwallis. You can find a landmark there - the Clock Tower.

So there I was, waiting to board the ferry, all dressed up in sunny orange~ Well, I just realized that I usually wear orange outfit everytime I go travel...is that my subconscious or what... Ya I think I have lots more to write about orange outfits in my later posts... XD

Since it's quite boring sitting in the cabin, we decided to seek for some excitement on the ferry's upper deck.... Afterall we've had enough camwhoring.

Sunshine here I come!! Hey I can tell you that the feeling is awesome~ Was like MildSeven Seafarers' Club lolz... And many people were enjoying the sea breeze, erm...perhaps strong wind is more suitable to describe.

I should tie my hair instead! Don't ever wear a wig without a cap if you want to get to the upper deck.

This is Pulau Payar Marine Park, another hot spot for snorkeling and water activities. It lies around 30km south-east of Langkawi. There is an underwater observation chamber to view the marine life surrounding a reef. No resorts but it is perfect for a one-day outing.

Continued camwhoring... My hair tangled...haiz.

2 and a half hours later we finally reached our destination. I've been longing to visit the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club; almost all Langkawi websites publishes attractive photos of this beautiful place. And upon reaching the jetty, the yachts had caught my eyes!

The Langkawi jetty is very well maintained compared to many other jetties, it is even bigger than the Kuala Terengganu airport. Fully air-conditioned and full of shop lots, this jetty looks exactly like an airport.

Along the walkway there were many car rental agencies trying to drag customers to rent their car. What else can you see from the jetty? Dataran Lang with the biggest eagle statue!

The outlook of the jetty is very similar to an airport. I took the photo across the road opposite the jetty. There we tried to rent a car, but due to public holiday the rental price increased tremendously. Even a Kancil costed us RM70 per day! Isshhh...RM140 for 2 days! Some more petrol not included. According to my friends who went there in the low seasons, that was almost double their normal price.

There were people distributing free maps of Langkawi at the jetty, really a good way of promoting tourism in our country and also showing hospitality to the tourists. I like it!

Woohoo~ here's where our journey began - from the jetty to Pantai Kok. Although Langkawi is also an island as Penang is, but the lifestyle there is totally different. You can feel nature everywhere, I felt rejuvenated. Paddy fields, sandy beaches, coconut trees, blue sky~ What could be better!

He drove of course...so that I could enjoy the perfect scenery along the beaches! Wuahahahha.... Till then, I shall show you some reptiles in my next post. Yup, the Taman Buaya Langkawi (Langkawi Crocodile Farm). =)

Bye bye~

#End of Part 1#

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