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August 19, 2008

Princess' magic potion - c'mon let's enjoy high tea

What do you usually eat/drink for a quick high tea? When you're lazy to go out....or when you're having a hectic day and cannot go for tea.... This is my "special combo" for high tea....MUNCHY's CHOC-O-MOCHA-CHIPS + Aik Cheong CAPPUCCINO....

With just less than RM4 I can enjoy high quality delicacies! How I love the aroma of Cappuccino...and I love dipping the mocha cookies with hazel nuts into the smooth creamy cappuccino. It's as good as enjoying a cup of Starbucks latte plus their expensive brownies/cookies with nuts. I am addicted and so do my friends.

So when you're doing grocery shopping later, don't forget to get a packet of MUNCHY's Mocha-chips plus Aik Cheong's Cappuccino for a try. Trust me, you'll like it. Even my lil' MOCCO & COCCO love it~

Life is beautiful with a little "magic", so I always get to enjoy life even with only a little money in my pocket.

"Magic" = "Creativity" + "Passion"

Who says you cannot enjoy if you're poor?! I still get to live like a princess. =D


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