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August 28, 2008

Princess counting down on her Phuket trip

Princess Cheryl's thought of the day:- I'm still reluctant whether to go for Philips QIC... I nearly forget about it and Noel just reminded me about the closing date tomorrow... Oh great, should I go ahead? If we win, we shall go for the regional competition, and maybe we shall get through for the world final which will be held at Marrakech next year! But what about my other projects??!

33 more days then I'll be canoeing at Phang Nga bay! I can't wait to dip myself in the emerald waters of Phi Phi Island. Everyday I will surely open my blog just to look at "My Travel-o-meter" for self satisfaction. Then I shall go to sleep with a smile, hoping that I'm already hearing "Sawadeeka" when I open my eyes in the morning. Furthermore this trip is very meaningful to me, because I haven't meet up with my great buddy Philip for years!

The last time we hang out together was before X-mas in 2005. We had a great time chit chatting at Knutsford Terrace in a winter cold night. Although I'm not rich but I'm thankful for a blessed life, and I'm blessed with great friends too. My uni research project had gained me very nice friends from Hong Kong and Korea, and Philip was the one who hosted me during my research trip to HK Poly U.

I named our trip as Couples Phuket Getaway as 3 couples will be joining - Ethan+Michelle, Philip+Angela and Steve+Cheryl. It's great that we're gonna meet up at Phuket but flying from different places, 4 depart from Penang while another 2 from Hong Kong. I guess it's gonna be a trip full of love, for we have newly weds and newly engaged couples. And dear bought me a new DSLR as my birthday present because he knows I am a camwhore and I surely need one as a blogger. =D

Right now my mind has already flown half way to James Bond Island~

And oh yea...I'm riding an elephant!

*I'm already asleep and dreaming now*


dream, dream dream dream~

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