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August 30, 2008

My Hari Merdeka eve

I'm drinking coffee at Ipoh now. Already forgotten when was the last time I really cared about Hari Merdeka. All I know is that every 31st August I need to attend an event in Perak....every year. So my 31st August is about picking a nice gown, enjoying great cuisine, flow of beer, and endless entertainment! I'm a bad Malaysian babe huh...

In order to compensate my feeling of guilt being a Malaysian who loves her country much, I purposely surf the web for this - the every year theme for celebrating Hari Merdeka.

  • 1970 Muhibah dan Perpaduan(Love and Unity)
  • 1971 Masyarakat Progresif(Progressive Society)
  • 1972 Masyarakat Adil(Fair Society)
  • 1973 Masyarakat Berkebudayaan Malaysia(A Society with Malaysian Culture)
  • 1974 Sains dan Teknologi Alat Perpaduan(Science and Technology as Tools of Unity)
  • 1975 Masyarakat Berdikari(A Self-Reliant Society)
  • 1976 Ketahanan Rakyat(Strength of the People)
  • 1977 Bersatu Maju(United and Progresive)
  • 1978 Kebudayaan Sendi Perpaduan(Culture is the Core of Unity)
  • 1979 Bersatu Berdisplin(United and Disciplined)
  • 1980 Berdisplin Berbakti(Discipline and Service)
  • 1981 Berdisplin Berharmoni(Discipline and Harmony)
  • 1982 Berdisplin Giat Maju(Discipline Creates Progress)
  • 1983 Bersama Ke Arah Kemajuan(Together Towards Success)
  • 1984 Amanah Asas Kejayaan(Honesty Brings Success)
  • 1985 Nasionalisme Teras Perpaduan(Nationalism is the Core of Unity)
  • 1986 Bangsa Tegas Negara Teguh(Steadfast Society, Strong Country)
  • 1987 Setia Bersatu Berusaha Maju(Loyally United and Progressively Working)
  • 1988 Bersatu(Unity)
  • 1989 Bersatu(Unity)
  • 1990 Berjaya(Success)
  • 1991 Wawasan 2020(Vision 2020)
  • 1992 Wawasan Asas Kemajuan(Vision is the Basis of Progress)
  • 1993 Bersatu Menuju Wawasan(Together Towards Vision)
  • 1994 Nilai Murni Jayakan Wawasan(Good Values Makes the Vision a Success)
  • 1995 Jatidiri Pengerak Wawasan(Steadfastness Moves the Vision Forward)
  • 1996 Budaya Penentu Kecapaian(Culture Determines Achievements )
  • 1997 Akhlak Mulia Masyarakat Jaya(Good Values Make a Successful Society)
  • 1998 Negara Kita, Tanggungjawab Kita(Our Country, Our Responsibility)
  • 1999 Bersatu Ke Alaf Baru(Together Towards the New Millennium)
  • 2000 Keranamu: MALAYSIA(Because of you: MALAYSIA)
  • 2001 Keranamu: MALAYSIA(Because of you: MALAYSIA)
  • 2002 Keranamu: MALAYSIA(Because of you: MALAYSIA)
  • 2003 Keranamu: MALAYSIA(Because of you: MALAYSIA)
  • 2004 Keranamu: MALAYSIA(Because of you: MALAYSIA)
  • 2005 Keranamu: MALAYSIA(Because of you: MALAYSIA)
  • 2006 Keranamu: MALAYSIA(Because of you: MALAYSIA)
  • 2007 Malaysiaku Gemilang(My Glorious Malaysia)
  • 2008 Perpaduan Teras Kejayaan(Unity Is The Core of Success)

Do you see what I highlighted up there? For consecutive 7 years the government actually maintained the same theme of Keranamu: MALAYSIA! Good things are meant to be well preserved but to me it looks more like everyone was even lazy enough to care about it so just simply gave an excuse to promote patriotism towards our beloved country. Duh~

Anyhow I like the theme of this year - Unity is the core of success. Yes, we want unity for Malaysians, not only talk about unity of certain races. This country is meant for ALL MALAYSIANS so every of us deserves BEING TREATED FAIR AND SQUAREl. Long live MALAYSIA! Long live MALAYSIAN!

I love you so much that I blog meanwhile counting down to your birthday. Happee Birthday Malaysia!~ You're 51!


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