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August 2, 2008

Colourful windmills at my hometown

If you've been to Malacca before, sure you will see this big windmill near the A'Famosa. It has a typical design like which you can find in Netherlands.

But the windmills in my hometown is cute and colourful. This is what the Chinese call "feng che" (风车). Kids like to play with the small windmills, and I remember during my childhood days, I used to run around with one.

Today, it has become a landmark in my hometown. You can see colourful candy-like windmills from afar when you're heading to New World Park in Georgetown. I like it when the wind blows...you see rainbows turning!

And here I am, standing in front of the New World Park. I never thought that the scenery here looks so darn dazzling~

p/s: I snapped the photos only after seeing an Angmo (foreigner/whiteman) so devotedly focusing his lens at the colourful windmills....


hopping around~

are the windmills new? the last time i went to NWP, didn't notice them.. hmm.. mayb will look for them next week when i go up again :D

Yea...I think so. Because Penang already listed as UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE lol.

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