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August 26, 2008

Black sand and crocodiles

Oct 13th, 2007 - It was the first time ever I am surrounded by so many crocodiles! After the wacky ferry ride and bargaining to rent a car, we finally able to move on with our journey. First we thought of paying a visit to Galeria Perdana before we check in to the hotel but it was closed on that day... #%#%@$ Come on! It's suppose to be open also on public holidays!

So we had no choice but to continue our journey to the next destination - Pantai Pasir Hitam (Black Sand Beach). It was already raining at that time but still I insisted to take a look at this famous attraction of Langkawi.

This spectacular beach is streaked with black sand. I just spent a 5 minutes at the beach because the only special attraction here is the black sand.

Yes...nothing but black, soft sand... Do tell mee if you see something else.

Well, a beach sure doesn't look like a beach if there is no bikini babes.... Wuahahaha.. XD Sorry to disappoint you but I can tell you that the sexiest babe you can find there looks like this...in the rain.

It was raining cats and dogs suddenly. We didn't bring any umbrella so I spend the raining moments buying souvenirs from the stalls at the beach.

After the heavy rain, we went to the Taman Buaya Langkawi (Crocodile Farm) to watch crocodile show. Crocs! Amazingly tamed by the crocodile trainers!

This is how a croc might look like when it's resting. Hey croc! You look stupid in that resting post ok. Seriously I mean it. Who would wanna bend like this when you're fully relax.

Ever wonder what would happen if someone accidentally fall into a pool of crocs?!

While waiting for the 2.45pm "man vs crocodile" show let me do some silly pose first...

There are hundreds of crocs in the farm, and according to the info available, this Langkawi Crocodile Farm has one of the largest number of crocodile and alligator species in the world! But out of the hundreds there is a special one...

Now take a closer look.... OMG! It's a retarded crocodile! Pity him... It can't survive on its own but needs intensive care from the keepers as it can't find food on its own. If I'm not mistaken its name is Bujang Lang, and it has a brother name Bujang Kawi, which is the "wrestling superstar" of this farm. There were coins on its back...sponsors from the kind.

Finally the show started. Lots of people surrounded the performance pool.

First of all, the trainer had to wake the lazy croc up.

The lazy crocs were then trying to hide in the water again...

After a while of hitting on the back and splashing water on the crocs, the show started.

It lazily crawled from the pool to the performance ground.

This croc can go for Colgate ads because it brushes its teeth everyday.

And it likes kissing too...

The trainers gave it a full back massage.


Ok, here comes the most dangerous stunt... prey's hand in the predator's mouth! Gosh!!

After the show we went for the croc feeding session. You can see how aggressively they fought for their food.

And here are two crocs in a battle....

I left the farm happily with satisfaction... Well of course! I've never gone so close to a crocodile before. Next destination was where we stayed during our vacation there - Mutiara Burau Bay Resort. Oh well, princess had really bad sunburn for sunbathing like that...

#End of Part 2#

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Princess ah, I think your prince looks younger than you in this post. Does he got any cute friends? LOL

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