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August 12, 2008

Awesome scenes unseen from Olympic Opening Ceremony live telecast

I'm sOOOOOOO into the opening ceremony and there are more I would like to share with you. These are magnificient effects which either the choreographer or the assistant director missed out...what a waste!~ (T_T) Somehow the beauty of photography managed to make beautiful things last forever, that's why I like to take photos.


China ~ in Blue

China ~ in Cyan

China ~ in Red

Never seen fireworks so beautiful

China National Anthem moments

Chinese - one race, one colour

"Welcome my friends"

Did anyone notice this fascinating logo of Olympic?

As seen on TV

...the actual effect which director Zhang was showing - the real-like plum blossom...

The scholars robe

"A human sea of feather"

How do you like the human painting?

And this....

Performance high up on the poles...erm...pole dancing?? =p

I've never seen effects so great in any opening ceremony

"Angels from the outer sky"

And the story goes...

The story on Silk Road....where China begun its journey to the world beyond

The force of Tai-chi

Can you feel it?

The eye

Tai-chi everywhere in the workplace...

The whole world is smiling

This.... One World One Dream

China as the host

Awesome right?

The Universe where Mother Earth sits in

Laser effect

Fascinating world through the nest

Focus was on the fireworks outside of the nest

I feel so proud being a Chinese at the moment

Yes I am!


fwah..so nice 1 ah? i didn't watch it at all..until the last part of the torch lighting where the guy running in mid air..

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