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August 22, 2008

Are your eyes 'Chinese'?

Princess Cheryl's thought of the day:- Yippee! It's Friday again~ I'm going to KL to attend a convo, and also SHOPPING! Although I'm not a shopaholic but most of the time I tend to lose control in buying skin care products and soft toys... Ok, I need The Faceshop Su-hyang Snow balancing fluid, Avene thermal spring water, and a new top....maybe? XD

So here's an eye test for you. If you cannot decipher anything, then try pulling the corner of your eyes as if your were Chinese.

Awesome? Hahah...so now I know what's so special about 'Chinese eyes'.


How about the chinnes hair ?

then which type of sx causes gd eye then :D

No s*x causes bad eyes lol , a funny eye test though


ahahahahhaah good one. but i realized, with AND without chinese eyes I still couldnt read the thing.

so I got up from my chair and stood 5 meters away from my laptop screen.


apa chinese eyes? i can read it without bully my eyes XD

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