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July 2, 2008

Rain's Coming World Tour Concert -- Malaysia (27/1 '07)

**Note: This is a tribute to my idol. He is not only a typical idol, but also someone who can inspire people. There are only 2 male Korean artists that rock my world, I've watched RAIN's concert last year, and now I'm waiting for SE7EN~ I did not write this in blogspot.com previously, so I decided to write it again here though his concert's been almost 1 and a 1/2 year ago.

Tell u what....RAIN IS REALLY SUPERB!!!! I knew that I will regret if I didn't make it to the concert. This was the very first concert that I watched, and I'm really glad that it's RAIN's concert~

Due to our limited financial ability (uni days), we only able to purchase the cheapest ticket to fulfill our dream of attending our BI's concert, only to see him from very far away... But maybe God heard our prayers, so the initial venue (Bukit Jalil National Stadium) was changed to Putra Indoor Stadium at the very last week before his concert!! Oh, that was really a big gift because I knew I could see him clearly through my binocular.

Can you guess what time we went there? 4pm? 5pm? NOPE! We actually had reached there at 2pm! How crazy were we right?! No choice...in order to get a nice seat to enjoy the show. The CLOUDS (RAIN's fans are named CLOUDS, because he claimed that if there is no cloud, there will be no rain) were already there even earlier! I think they had reached the stadium before noon, volunteering themselves to set up the banners and scrolls around the stadium, distributing free posters and also promoting the fans club.

It was really too early to be there, and since the concert will only start at 8pm, there was nothing much we can do except to photo whore around the stadium. Thanks to LG, we had at least some entertainment there while waiting for the time to pass by, watching people participating in the games prepared by LG Chocolate event team.

They even put effort to prepare an "actual size RAIN" for photoshooting! Amazing right? I've never thought I could take a photo together with RAIN..... Looking at the photo....not bad huh? I could temporarily hypnotize myself to be Song Hye Kyo when standing beside him, it's true what, my height is the same as hers. Go watch FULL HOUSE again if you don't believe...

Hmm...about another funny thing that I did...well actually Grace & I did --- We went chasing after his BMW 7 Series around 4pm when we suddenly heard the fans shouting "Rain's here!! Rain's here!! His car!!" And so I started acting 'insane' together with the other fans, running after the police bike that escorted his car....and...heheh I was able to capture a photo of the car, but it looks blurr~ I would never do such things like stalking idols, waiting for hours, chasing after ppl's car and blah blah...but I did all in ONE DAY!? OMG! I was really insane~ gone insane for being a BI-er...hahaha...

And I love this big banner so much! If only the car could just park somewhere else, then this picture will be perfect. Why are there always people who prefer not to use their brain to think....this kind of people I call them destroyers. The car is nice but can he/she just park somewhere else??? Now the whole scene is ruined.

The MJJH members are really cool for putting so much effort in making the SARANG BOARD for all of us. Thank you~ *Chongmal kamsa haeyo!*

Then we find a shady spot, sat down and stared at our tickets. Those are one of my precious collections, my very first concert ticket!

Time passed by... 4pm...5pm...6pm...and finally the announcement made, "Please stand by at the respected gates. Gates will be opened at 6.30pm. Thank you." No more photos because we were not allowed to bring camera/video cam into the hall. So we tried all we can to smuggle in our cameras. Man! That was challenging...the guards opened all the handbags and paper bags to check. But still the fans were able to get the cameras in!! Hurray!! So here's the hall at 7.30pm. Full house!

Malaysians tend to behave badly when it comes to punctuality. It's already 8pm, the show should have started, RAIN was waiting and he peeped from the backstage twice, yet the lights still couldn't go off --- because there were still people arriving late!! Come on, if you want to come to watch the concert, please respect the artist and the performers.

Oh! Here he comes...in a submarine!

It suddenly burst... And OMG! It's RAIN~

I couldn't really take any nice closeups because my hands were shaking while focusing through my binocular. But here are some very nice photos taken by the fans standing in front of the stage. I just couldn't resist his smile!!

We really salute him for risking his life for the performances, still carried on with the dance with a fractured elbow, and I witnessed him in great pain on his face during 'I'M COMING' through my binocular.... That was nearly 5~10 seconds when his dancers drew the attention of the audience while he tried to recover from the pain after 'the action' that might have made his wound worse. The big screen didn't focus on him in that few seconds...I guess... But we the BI-ers are very sure that there's hardly an artist who will sacrifice like that... He really made our tickets worth every cent!!~

Just something I wanna say on behalf of all the fans... 비 오빠, 연주회 너무 좋아요! 멋진 세계적인 성과~ You gave us a superb world class performance!! We love you!!!!!!!! 아자 아자 화이팅!!


Fuyoh! Nice photos.... Rain is cute.

Yes...I never can resist his smile... =) And big eyes doesn't mean attractive, he's proven that. Hahaha...

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