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July 6, 2008

Politics is like women doing face mask

It's true and applicable to our governemnt. One day you look black.

Then the next day you might look white.

Or when you've had enough of black and white, you may turn green.

It keeps on changing and changing! We've had enough of a corrupted government. Why describe it so? Think about it, if your skin is healthy enough, do you need to purposely spend money for the aid? -- NOT HEALTHY AND STRONG IN FACT

Or think the other way round, when your skin is good enough, you still want to spend money to enhance it, but ended up you get skin irritation that is worse than before. -- GREED OF POWER AND A SCREWED UP GOVERNMENT

Am I right?

And for this Dawn Yang vs. Xia Xue feud, I don't give a damn. Maybe it's some sort of underground agreement between these blogosphere "divas" so that they could actually hit 50,000 visitors per day? Think of it, they're in a win-win situation - the beneficiaries to earn from Nuffnang Ads, and further increase their popularity.

Come on, give yourselves some respect girls!! But certainly they don't get mine because I hate people who prefer to think like a b*tch instead of thinking by human brain. God gives us a human mind so why do we want to be controlled by animal instinct? No right or wrong, but am sure that many people are already tired with this cyber war.

Had enough of a stupid government, and had enough of selfish people around. Never thought that blogosphere is also that political! *Sigh*


finally! someone who actually takes a look at the bigger picture of the dawn xiaxue war!

geez. i actually got Danged for posting zzz.

neways, nice blog just dropping by. n thx for the comment :D cheers

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