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July 28, 2008

New era of PC - I want ONE too!!

Ever wonder how handy can our laptop be? Like a PDA? Now just take a look at this!

All it takes - only 5 pens...

5 elegantly designed pen. What to do with these??!

"Ok, wait a minute. I'm a Transformer you know?"

"Transformers....there you go!"

"Yea, don't drop your jaw..."

"See? You don't even need to buy a keyboard!"

Amazing right?!! Then we can bring it along anytime anywhere with lower risk of getting stolen. And life as a blogger will be even merrier. =D


I actually have one of these "light keyboards". It worked pretty ok. You tap your fingers exactly like the picture on a projected keyboard.

unfortunately when I upgraded my hardware, the keyboard didn't have drivers written for the new hardware. So now its just rotting on my shelf.

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