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July 5, 2008

Matta Fair Penang 2008

Just came back from Matta Fair today. Though I'm a Penangite, I've never visited any Matta Fair in Penang. Previous years during my uni days, we never missed Matta Fair in KL. As usual, each person has to pay RM2 for the entrance, but a goodie bag will be given, and also if you're lucky enough, you win some lucky draws for free accommodations and travel packages.

People nowadays love to travel, and once you started to go travel, it will become a habit. This is what my grandma told me, as she is addicted to travel too! Imagine a 76-year-old granny is still travelling here and there every year, then what do you have more to say for the youngsters.

In order to distract the kiddos from being boring and starting to kacau the parents from doing reservation, the appearance of a clown is a must.

And some booth even have this...play the wheel of fortune to get a free stay!

Everybody is busy comparing the package prices and itineraries....

And comparing....

And still comparing....

There are a few booths which really caught my attention (because those were the ones I stopped by and I tried to gather some brochures from the exhibitor).



And the sizes of the participating booths vary from a small and simple one....

To big booths like kingdoms!!

The old Kingdoms usually brought along their flags when they go for war.

See? A sea of "orange knights" fighting for their "kingdom".

Actually yesterday was the first day and I had already gone to PISA during lunch with Noel, Amber, Shaun and Jacquelyn. Found out that the event haven't even launched but the exhibitors were still setting up their booth... We didn't even pay for the entrance but just walked right through. Maybe the security thought we were there to set the booth.

So I decided to go again today to look for suitable ground arrangements for my Phuket and Hanoi trip but ended up nothing seems to fit our expectations. Maybe because we've get used to travel freestyle rather than following a tour. I felt kind of disappointed but the RM2 still worth a stack of travel brochures and this Koala photo taken at the Australia Tourism booth.


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