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July 24, 2008

A little bit more about Winter Warmers

I was surprised that my last post on Winter Warmers actually attracted quite a number of feedbacks asking for more. Ok then, since there are so many demands, then I shall feed you with more!

So let's start with the location:
-- if you're in Penang, you can have it at Gurney Plaza
-- if you're in Butterworth/Kulim, you can visit Sunway Carnival's branch
-- for people in KL, go to The Curve (The Street)
-- if you're in Selangor, go to Sunway Pyramid (Oasis Boulevard)
-- for people out of these areas, I'm sorry to tell you that you can only try out the mouth-watering cheesebakes when you get the chance to visit one of the shops above

Now here's some of my favourites. Most of the photos I cut from the website because I couldn't find where I kept those taken by myself. I only able to get 3 of the followings taken in yearss ago...

My favourite Rose Iced Latte

Belgium Waffles

Bolognese Cheese Bake

And here's more from the website...
I usually choose Meal 4 because I never miss the Bolognese Cheese Bake!

If you're going for afternoon tea, this is it.

Sometimes I choose this Mixed Fruit Cocktail because I love the fruity flavour that makes me happy!

If you've tried out some of the menus, tell me what's your favourite! Let's get warm.


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