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July 10, 2008

Let's EAT & SHOP in Beijing!

If you're going to watch the Olympics game this year, you might try some of the delicacies in Beijing. People used to say that Chinese actually eat anything with its back facing upwards (背朝天,皆可食也). I believe so as my great grandparents could actually enjoy eating some wild animals or even reptiles... yuks!

In Beijing, there's this popular area which is named WangFuJing (王府井). WangFuJing has two very large shopping malls - one at each end of a pedestrianised street (WangFuJing Lu) that often hosts exhibitions and shows. This is also a place where food stalls are famous among westerners for unusual delicacies on offer.

You can find many outdoor cafes during summer time where you can enjoy a cold drink under the shady umbrellas.

From ice blended drinks to ice-cream...

And even a big Coca-Cola kiosk!

This is what I love to eat -- grilled corn!

Summer time is certainly the best time to enjoy food, so make sure you try as much food as you can. There is a street where you can eat all kinds of unusual dishes -- so don't miss it.

From day till night, you get to eat non-stop. The most important thing is you have enough of $$$.

And this is where you have a chance to taste something that you never thought of eating in your whole life.

From afar it's attractive. Look how colourful they are.

Baby sharks, deep fried starfish and sea urchines! Though I love seafood but this is kind of extreme...

Ever thought of chewing a seahorse?

Or maybe try out some grill snakes?

If you are a dog lover, make sure you ask what are those before you buy.

Juicy goat lungs with pepper.

This is interesting -- varieties of fried insects!!

Besides the exotic street food, you can stroll along the night market to hunt for your dinner. There is plenty of good food, not necessary you got to swallow those insects.

If you don't feel like eating, you can still go shopping as WangFuJing street is one of the Chinese capital's most famous shopping streets. It has now become one of China's most attractive and modern boulevards.

Take a walk and enjoy the beautiful night scenery.

Or visit St Joseph's Church at the north end of WangFuJing.


WangFuJing has a station on the Beijing subway network, Line 1 has a station at the southern end of the street, which is a stop away eastbound from TianAnMen Square (TianAnMen West or East Stations).


Wow, the food was awesome, except for the snake grill. Ewww.......

I like the deep fried starfish. It looks normal, just like fried nuggets.

eh.... i was there too !!!! the fried starfish was just so so only... too big. The good promotion was, buy 2 sticks, free 1 stick.

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