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July 25, 2008

Fishy fishy I lurve you~ (My Redang vacation journal #2)

I had spectacular experiences of snorkeling and fish hunting with the gang. We learned a lesson for not bringing along an underwater digicam for the first day, and we missed out so many nice shots during our snorkeling trips. The corals and fishes...and one of the divers caught a NEMO! Arrgghhh... So we decided to rent one with a 256MB memory stick in the very next day before we set off for Marine Park.

Hammocking after breakfast (kind of lazy to move...)

Gears on and ready to go

How do you like the emerald waters of Pulau Redang? We are loving it!!

We spent 2 hours at the Marine Park in Pulau Pinang (not my hometown Penang Island!) of Terengganu. This is a "compulsory" spot for most packages I think, as the place was so so so cRowDed!!! You can see different colours of life jackets, indicating groups of visitors from different resorts.

Feel like in heaven? It's an effect caused by water on the lens...

Fishes plus humans!!! The whole area was almost covered by this two species on the earth. The fishes are definitely not afraid of human. They will pinch on you especially if you are holding some food (rotten breads and stinky dead fish provided by the lifeguards to feed the fishes). I felt so IRRITATED swimming in a "sea of humans", because anytime you might ended up being hit by a diving fin, or somebody's elbow, or even somebody's LEG!!! I felt like being squeezed like a sponge in the Marine Park...ouccchhhhh-----

Yikes! Fish attack!!! OMG~

It's another world here....a peaceful world

2 snorkelers floating away

I love the underwater world!!

All of a sudden, you might get fish attack...again!!

Was I floating?!!

Give you a flying underwater kiss...muaahhh

Steve, Cheryl, CH & Lorraine...we look so weird

However we were lucky enough to see the “so-called celebrities” of the island – a yellow Belut, baby sharks and guess what, I TOUCHED A TURTLE during snorkeling!!!

"Hmm...I gotta sneak out and look for food."

"Oh no! Caught in the act!"

"See me not. See me not...I'm pretending to be dead."

Here comes the interesting part! A turtle!!!

It's was terrified and kept struggling

So we set it free after a moment

This is one of my favourite underwater shots

The sun was killing me...and I already looked like a Red Indian. I dipped myself in the waters most of the time in the second day (even after lunch at 12.30pm....crazily in love with the aquamarine sea) and my SPF30 sunblock was not functioning anymore!! I like this second snorkeling trip because there were only 10 of us on the boat. It's like going out to the sea in a private boat.

So we went back to the shore for lunch, and then back for snorkeling again and again. So the photos are all snorkeling photos as you may see. In Pulau Redang, it's either you keep on soaking inside the sea or you can enjoy hanging on a hammock and get a nice afternoon nap.

Hmm...who dropped his brown wig?

My holiday is about eating and playing in the water

Fishy fishy do you like me?

I can pretend to be one too...see?

Before dinner time, we were still swimming and playing in the water. The lifeguards said if we're lucky enough, we'll find baby sharks around. And I guess we'll win the lottery if we bought one!

A black tip baby shark frightened by us and swam away

I stole some dead corals....it's actually a violation

And so our night time was spent walking on the beach and watching people having party in the other resorts. Some people were giving free entertainment...just listen to their 'sweet-o-voice' coming out from the amplifier and I bet the fishes would wish that they are deaf...and me too!!

We had a drink at the Tupai Bar at Laguna. The feeling was great. Life band, candle lights, and sweet desserts. There will be performance every night and the Philipinos' voice are really solid and cool! They can sing in almost any language.

I looked so darn red

A banana boat

Great temptation

Every resort has their own style of entertaining their guests; some were having Ladies’ Night I guess, because the beach was turned into a discothèque. We thought of singing karaoke in the bar of our resort but the bar tender said, “Sorry…all booked.” We were late… the aunties and uncles brought their own karaoke vcd and so we were ‘entertained’ with oldies for the whole night long…

You like my little bottle of sand?

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wao...great, you can capture a nice photo in the water..Nice photo

Thank goodness I didn't stay at Laguna lor...or else one photo they charge RM5 then I wouldn't get to capture so many.

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