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July 22, 2008

Go! Go! Pulau Redang! (My Redang vacation journal #1)

**The princess prologue: Well, travelling has always been a part of my yearly goal. During my school days, I usually opted for a vacation before my final exam. I am the kind of people who must get enough relaxation before exam or else my results will be dreadful... That's why I call myself a travel freak -- I can't live well without travelling!!

Well this was another trip before my exam during my final year in uni. The Redang Pelangi Resort staffs helped us to book the bus tickets from Ipoh to Kuala Terengganu, which costs RM42 each (right now the price should have increased due to inflation..). Long hours in the bus really made us headache. I was sitting next to the emergency door and I had enjoyed enough great ‘squeaking lullaby’ for the whole 8 hours… It was all Firefly’s fault… tickets sold out. Frankly speaking, we felt like riding in a speedboat for 8 hours.

We reached Majlis Perbandaran Kuala Terengganu at 5.30am and waited for almost an hour for the driver to pick us up because the resort staff said he will fetch us around 6am. It was really ridiculous… when we noticed that the rest house of Redang Pelangi was just opposite the bus station!!! We departed from the rest house around 7.30am with the other people to pick up another few people from the airport. I fell asleep in the bus...the seats were amazingly comfortable, especially after the ‘8-hour-boatride’ last night.

Then I started camwhoring when we reached the Merang Jetty around 9am. I can feel my skin burning when it was almost 10am. We had Nasi Lemak(coconut milk rice) at Merang Jetty before transferring to Pulau Redang.

If you want to get away from the hectic cities, you can consider moving to Kuala Terengganu. But it is kind of boring because afterall nothing much you can do besides heritage stuffs and water activities in the islands. There was a whole stretch of individual piers for each resorts in Pulau Redang, providing convenience pick-up and boarding of visitors to the island.

This is the speedboat that we boarded - Pelangi 10. It is a smaller size speedboat compared to those provided by Laguna Redang Resort. Redang Pelangi Resort is a chalet base resort which has a scuba diving centre. Usually all the accommodations Pulau Redang comes in a package. That means every meals will be taken care of, all the activities are pre-organized unless you do not want to join, and return transfer from Kuala Terengganu to the island is included.

I think booking a package is a compulsory if you are vacationing in Pulau Redang, because you won't get to find any restaurants or shops other than the souvenir shops of the resortels there. But trust me, everything is hassle-free! Even if you travel by air, the resort staff will pick you up from the Kuala Terengganu Airport. Then you can just enjoy soaking in the salty seawater everyday.

And this is how I enjoyed my boat ride -- without safety jacket!!! But please don't do this... the boat was at almost 100km/hr and you might just got thrown out of the boat if you're hit by a wave. *Scary*

45 minutes later, we finally reached the sandy beaches of Pulau Redang! If you're still wondering where the heck is this Pulau Redang, you can watch Summer Holiday starring Sammi Cheng & Richie Ren. Yup! This island has become popular as a tourist spot after the choreographer chose this place to film the movie. Now it is the heaven for snorkeling and water activities.

I insisted to post like this. Oooo....I love that tree.

I was like doing an advertisement shooting at the seaside...

After lunch I wrote my name on the sand. I guess that's a trend which youngsters used to do these days.

Then I spent my afternoon hanging on the hammock. I never thought that I have sexy legs too. =p

Strolling along the Long Beach, snapping photos.

And ended up sunburned like this...look like a roasted pig.

All the activities are planned, and for sure snorkeling is on top of the list. We never imagine that the underwater world is so beautiful, thus we didn't rent the underwater camera. That was a big waste! Anyway, can you spot me inside the photo?

I look like a professional diver huh.

After nearly 2 hours of snorkeling and soaking, we returned to the island. Well, I was totally exhausted...but very much satisfied. That was my first snorkeling trip, and I nearly caught a Nemo! Too bad I didn't have camera at that moment.

After taking a bath, we took a walk at the seaside. This is the beautiful view in front of our room, taken from my balcony.

Caught in the act!

This is one of my favourites. Just look at the colour of nature. I feel serenity...

You can enjoy some romantic moments like this. I hope this will become a trend too. Hahah...

Or this, the "sarang hae" posture.

If you would like to stay in a 5-star resort, you can choose Laguna Redang Resort. We've compared the price of the packages, this is certainly gonna cost you at least RM100 more.

The gift shop was located at the end of the Long Beach. You can get your basic needs from here, it is also a convenient store.

This little house was sort of a "replica" of the movie house you see in the movie Summer Holiday. It was rebuilt by Laguna Redang Resort as a reminiscence of the movie scene.

And this More More Tea Inn board also looked a bit different from the original.

We spent our late afternoon walking from one resort to another until dinner time. BBQ dinner is served! All you need to do is wait for the bell to ring, then food is ready.

Dinner was nice and we had plenty of choices. Yummy!

Laguna Redang at night. It looks totally different from the day view. I like it more at night. It glitters.

So when you got nothing much to do at the seaside, camwhoring is certainly the best activity.

Or pretend to be Richie Ren, Michael Wong and Ah Niu.

Oh yea, and for the next day, we rented an underwater digicam for full day use. So stay tuned for the photos of our water activities in my next posting. Or tell me what do you like to know more. Afterall this is only part#1. =)

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