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July 5, 2008

Friday night is my coffee night

Coffee! Coffee! Coffeeeeee!

It's friday night again, so it's time for another sip of coffee before I visit my dreamland...

This week we go to New World Park's OLD TOWN coffee shop rather than Starbucks because Steve misses his hometown coffee... There are a few outlets in Penang, and after we tried out all the outlets, still we prefer this one. The coffee is thick and creamy enough compared to the other outlets, and also tastes exactly like Ipoh's.

His intention is to drink coffee, but mine....to try out my new Panasonic DMC-FS3 digicam! Well, it's my early birthday gift from him. Thank you baby~ Counting down to one week before I become another year older....oh dear, I'll be 25 soon! So sad that I'm getting older already...

Here's my masterpiece! Nice what...

And simply snapping...

And he got one on me too!~

If you ask me what makes me love coffee, I should say despite the seducing aroma, this is what that keeps me attracted!

So for slim-wannabe babes, why not?


Cheryl, you know I can't live without coffee :).This camera is just an only little present from me for celebrating your 25 years old birthday, as well as our 5th anniversary...사랑해!
아자아자 화이팅 for your blog!!!

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